Just over an hour train ride from the busyness of London lies the seaside town of Brighton. With stone beaches, pastel colored huts, and tiny shops lining the streets, what’s not to love? It’s a relaxing beach town oasis away from the stress of the crowds. And with some of the best sunsets in England, you’ll go to Brighton and want to stay forever, even more so because of the food and drinks that combine laid-back beach vibes with upscale flavors. Here are the places you’ll want on your radar when trekking it out to Brighton:

Breakfast: The New Club


Photo courtesy of @marthacollison on Instagram

The brunch menu looks like every American’s Saturday morning with smashed avocado on sourdough, buttermilk pancakes, and eggs how you like em’. They also have a signature drink that puts a twist on a Bloody Mary, called The Breakfast Club. Indie rockers, this place is for you.

Lunch: LangeLee’s


Photo courtesy of @daniellespargo101 on Instagram

One of the top cafés in the town, one bite of Bunny Chow and you’ll know why. Vegetable curry in a mini loaf with sambals (type of hot sauce) finishes off this new street food favorite. The prices are cheap, the atmosphere is relaxed, and the food is a South African meets English vacation for your tastebuds.

Dinner: Food For Friends


Photo courtesy of @foodforfriendsrestaurant on Instagram

Light and simplicity are two of the highlighted qualities in this vegetarian restaurant located in the main Brighton attraction, the Lanes. You’ll leave feeling full, but only from the best locally sourced ingredients. Nothing tops off a day strolling along the beach like a refreshing three-course plate that fuses almond terrine, mango salad, and basil gnocchi into one bomb meal.

Dessert: Scoop + Crumb


Photo by Rebecca Poole

If you’re dream job is to be a sundae scientist, the place to come for inspiration is Brighton’s finest, Scoop + Crumb. Piled high with their award-winning ice cream and topped with waffle bits, sprinkles, gummy worms, and anything else you could want in the topping variety, you’ll be glad you chose to go here on pay day.

Dranks: The Twisted Lemon


Photo courtesy of @erika_fran23 on Instagram

“Tucked away down a hidden yellow alley…” may sound like the opening to a new fairytale, but no, it’s just the bio of this quirky cocktail bar’s Instagram. Either way, the fairytale analogy rests. If Red Riding Hood, Prince Charming, and Elsa met for drinks, they’d come here. It’s a small, quaint bar that serves up one-of-a-kind cocktails. Straight fire.