Ohio University, the home of pizza shops and Bobcats. There are so many pizza places we as students can choose to eat at but sadly, we cannot eat at them all at the same time. Because of this, I've broken it down and made it a little easier for you.

Morning: Domino's Pizza

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Now by morning, I don't mean wake up at 7 am and order a pizza. But I DO mean wake up in the morning and eat your leftover Domino's pizza.

Domino's is very convenient because you can order a whole pizza all for yourself,. It is the perfect pizza to eat cold those mornings you don't feel like eating real breakfast food.

Afternoon: Franco's Pizza

Fairly new to Ohio University is Franco's Pizza. A perfect afternoon can be spent by making your way over there and trying their pizza for the first time. I would highly suggest going to Franco's, ordering a slice and finishing that Chemistry homework you were supposed to finish the night before (they have tables you can sit at).

Evening: Courtside Pizza

Courtside combines a great social scene with great pizza. They offer deals like "slice night" which is perfect for a filling meal before you go out on your night of shenanigans. Even if you contract a food coma by eating too much pizza but still want to go out, Courtside also has a bar so you really wouldn't even have to move. #winning

Late Night: GoodFella's Pizza

This is my personal favorite. GoodFella's serves saucy, easy-to-eat, rectangle-shaped slices of pizza. GoodFella's is a perfect place for all college students because it is open until 3 am. So for example, when you get done with that super late night of "studying," you can stumble into GoodFella's and buy a slice of pizza. Sometimes if you "study" hard enough, you can reward yourself with a huge box of pizza.

Of course, there are still many more pizza places accessible to OU students, including, Papa John's, Donato's, Pizza Hut and more. I suggest eating pizza at all times of the day so you can follow this list to make it a bit easier. But remember, please eat pizza responsibly.