Below are the best pizza places in Bethlehem that deliver to Lehigh University. We know you don't wanna leave your room to get a slice of pizza from any of the dining halls, so that's why we made this guide. So you can do the bare minimum to eat some pizza. Honestly, the only "hard" or "strenuous" part is walking outside of your residence hall to get that pizza. And now with Grubhub and Uber eats, you do not have to speak to one person, so now you can sit in your room, while watching Netflix, and order pizza, and love your life. Look at Schmidt down below, doesn't that just make you happy? We know you've all been waiting for this here you go:

1. The Brick 

From Penne Vodka pizza to Chicken Broccoli Alfredo pizza, The Brick is your place. You can easily just order it through Grubhub. Our personal favorite that you must order are the fried mozzarella balls. Because if you are already getting the penne vodka pizza, why not? Honestly, everything is good on the menu so you really can't go wrong!

2. Sal's Brick Oven Pizza

Sal's: where everyone orders from when they don't want to go outside. We have ordered way too much from Sal's this year but is that a problem? We don't think so! The bonus? With anything you order from Sal's, you get free garlic knots. It's good pizza and a large portion of it. It's super easy to order through Grubhub and they have a large variety of other yummy Italian food on their menu, if pizza is just not cutting it for you.

3. Campus Pizza

Campus pizza is super easy to order with Uber eats. While you're even at the party, you can easily order the pizza by pulling your phone out (not like we've done that before, we've just heard that people have..) We recommend the Four Cheese pizza, it doesn't have sauce on it, a fact we merely realized after we had finished eating it. But still good nevertheless.

4. Broad St Pizzeria

Another classic, quality pizza place is Broad St Pizzeria. If you don't feel like just eating pizza, there's a bunch of different appetizers to choose from. A big bonus is that you can get pizza by the slices so if you don't feel like just getting a cheese pizza pie, you and your friends can each order a different slice. Also, they have good combo deals, especially when you're getting an entree, you get a side of pasta on the side! 

5. Dominos

And you knew this one was coming. Is there really anything else we need to say about this? Sometimes (like when you're coming back to your dorm at 1:00 AM) Domino's is all you feel like eating. The problem is that you can never just order a pizza..... you have to get the cinnamon bread twists and stuffed cheese sounds like a dream. 

We hope this guide fulfilled all your hopes and dreams. Who doesn't love pizza? Especially on that Friday night at 2 AM. Or even for breakfast, honestly.