Desserts are often the most difficult to buy for people with nut allergies, however, these easy-to-buy and nut-free desserts will solve that problem!

Chapman's Ice Cream

Chapman's peanut and nut free ice creams can be found at any grocery store. They have a large variety of flavours and types. With Champan's you will be sure to find something that everyone will like! Some of their 2L tub flavours include dutch chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, butterscotch ripple and mint chip. They also have ice cream sandwiches, sorbet, Super Cone's, Frosty's, Super Lolly's, Twisters, and the list goes on. You can check out the Chapman's website or your local grocery store to see which type of nut free ice cream you want to serve for dessert!

Talia Brock

Olivia's Cake Pop

Who doesn't love cake pops? Olivia's cake pops can be found in the Kitchener-Waterloo region at any Walmart and in the GTA at Walmart or Longos. Often it is difficult to find nut free cake pops as they are made in facilities or stored with other baked goods that contain nuts. For people with nut allergies finally finding a cake pop they can eat is exciting!

Joseph's Nutless Clusters

Joseph's Nutless Clusters are both peanut and nut-free! They are produced in Canada and come in both Chocolate and their Original flavour. They are also not your typical unhealthy dessert as they come with many natural ingredients. These can act as both a quick snack as well as a dessert! They can be found at majority of grocery stores including Shoppers and Walmart! You can also order the product online directly from their website!

Summer's Ice Cream

Summer's ice cream is peanut free but not nut-free. Summer's ice cream is a homemade ice cream store located in Yorkville, Toronto. They have a peanut free line that can be bought at their shop, or in 500ML tubs at grocery stores. Unfortunately, they do not sell at any stores in the KW region however their website has a list of locations you can buy. They are available at all Whole Foods locations, Sobey's Urban Fresh, and Rabba Fine Foods, as well as other retailers. 

Betty Crocker Cake Mixes

Betty Crocker has a wide variety of cake and brownie mixes as well as icing which all taste as if they are homemade! The mixes have easy to follow recipes and are also inexpensive!


Melona bars are refreshing and creamy! They come in many different flavours including mango, melon, strawberry, and banana! They are more difficult to find, however you can get them at Loblaw or T&T. Make sure to try them as they have a unique flavour and texture, making them delicious!

McCain's Deep and Delicious Cakes

You can never go wrong with a McCain's Deep and Delicious cake! They are easy to find at almost any grocery store and are even offered at Short Stop right across from Laurier's campus, just defrost them and they are ready to eat. 

Irresistible Yogourt Bars

Irresistible is Food Basics and Metro's private label brand. Their Yogourt Bars are similar to Haagen Dazs original ice cream bars with chocolate covered ice cream. They come in 3 different flavours, strawberry and chocolate frozen yogourt covered in dark chocolate as well as vanilla frozen yogourt covered in milk chocolate. They are also low in calories which is always a bonus for people trying to watch their calorie intake and if you're not, eat two because you won't want to stop at one!

Talia Brock


You can never go wrong with Oreo's! They even have thins, vanilla, birthday cake, holiday and limited edition flavours! These are easy to keep in your cupboard for whenever you feel like a quick snack. Oreo's now come in chocolate bars and other varieties so people with peanut and nut allergies should be careful to always double check the ingredients as they can sometimes change. A huge perk of Oreo's is they can be found virtually anywhere!

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Anna Arteaga

Growing up with a sibling with a peanut allergy, my family has always been on the hunt for the best peanut and nut-free desserts! Whether it be making our own creations at home or finding something in the grocery store. With the world becoming more allergy aware there are more and more companies creating peanut and nut-free dessert lines! However, you must always be careful to check ingredients when purchasing dessert as sometimes ingredients or facilities change! Happy peanut and nut-free dessert hunting!