I remember it like it was yesterday– bursting out of my last final, hugging my friends with a tearful goodbye, racing to the airport and finally making it home after a very long day. Although I am excited to go back to school and return to having a social life, winter break, you will be missed. 

7. Stocked fridge

tea, beer, coffee
Collette Block

When I finally make it back home,  I am STARVING. I open the fridge and instead of seeing a bottle of wine and some takeout that I should've thrown out weeks ago, I see rows of fruits, veggies, and snacks galore. Nothing reminds me more of my parent's love than a fridge full of food I can't afford. 

6. Favorite restaurants

coffee, cafe, Restaurant, exterior, exteriors, sidewalk, street, streets, Shanghai, China
Denise Uy

I love trying new restaurants and cuisines but there is nothing like my favorites from home. It's the place I spent countless birthdays and where the waitresses know my name, my favorite table, and my order. It never gets old and it's always waiting when I get home. 

5. My dogs

Blair Baker

Enough. Said. 

4. Not leaving my bed...ever

coffee, tea, milk, mug, bed, cozy, Morning
Caroline Ingalls

Netflix on my lap, snacks to my lap. What else could I need? My bed protects me from the cold outdoors and is the perfect location for some post-finals tv binging. I'm never leaving. 

3. Old favorites with old friends

pregame, Friends, gathering
Jiamo Li

Being home means friends from homes and old traditions are resurrected. That whole in the wall or local gem is once again the place we are meeting. All I need to do is send the "Dinner in 20?" text and we know the meeting place. 

2. Home cooked meals 

Blair Baker

It's not a dining hall and it's made with love so I am a happy camper. 

1. Parents picking up the bill 

beer, tea, money, cash, bill
Anna Arteaga

The life of a broke, college kid means I am always up for a meal with my parents. What they see as some quality time with their long, lost child, I see as a free meal (and some bonding too). 

Winter break has come and gone, but I won't cry just yet because it will be back again next year.