For the last few days as I've found myself sitting on my couch in my childhood home watching Survivor and America's Next Top Model reruns, I've been missing Atlanta food with my whole heart. For some reason, the popcorn and peppermint bark in my pantry don't quite taste as good as a Bartaco dinner or even my roommates' leftovers. So, between episodes of various reality shows, I've found myself exploring the wonderful world that is food TikTok. Below are some of my favorite food creators on the internet - everything I've made from these 60 second video recipes has brought me back to my college food comfort zone.

#1. @TwinCoast

TwinCoast is an account run by two sisters (Ashley and Taylor Johnson) that focuses on smoothies and smoothie bowls as well as clean, healthy lifestyle habits. Everyone in my family loves TwinCoast, and my mom knows that any time I'm home the freezer will contain all of the ingredients for several of their bright smoothie recipes. Their recipes are easy to follow, and it's fun to be able to choose to drink a smoothie or add your favorite toppings for a fruit-based breakfast.

#2. @Poppy_Cooks

Poppy Cooks is run by a woman named Poppy O'Toole and I don't think I'm in the slightest bit exaggerating when I say that I watch her videos on repeat for hours. She recently had a series called "25 days of potatoes", and I cannot wait to make every single one of the 25 recipes. Her recipes span everything from donuts to salads, and everything she makes looks beautiful enough for an Instagram feature (if you can take a photo before it's all gone). 

#3. @Everything_Delish

Everything delish, run by Jamie Milne, has a very Italian feel. Many of her recipes have burrata in them, which is why I'm so obsessed with her page. Her pastas are amazing, and her coffee and dessert recipes are no joke. Her page feels and looks like comfort food, and she's actually the first food creator I ever followed. While my favorite recipes of hers are the pastas, she does absolutely everything well.

#4. @ArianaFeygin

Ariana was on season 6 of MasterChef Junior, and her cooking skills are almost as amazing as her bubbly personality. She cooks absolutely everything, and no recipe of hers that I've tried has been a disappointment. Her steak recipes are some of the best on the internet, and her Thanksgiving recipes looked straight out of a catalogue. She's the most entertaining creator to watch (in my opinion), because of her passion for good food and her constant happy attitude. 

#5. @MeatLikeMike

My dad takes his steaks very seriously, so growing up I was lucky enough to eat home-cooked, Texas-style steak regularly. But, after moving to Atlanta with my own kitchen, I didn't even know where to start. Mike Elender (known online as MeatLikeMike), solved that problem. His food is all amazing, flavorful, and easy to follow, and would make even the most intense carnivores drool. While most of his recipes center around meat, he also has recipes for amazing sides so you can create a full meal.