Last month, CVS introduced its first-ever Best of Our Brands Awards. From skincare to snacking, we now have a definitive ranking of the best things you can buy from CVS. Check out the best of the best from the food isles below:

Favorite Better-for-You Pantry Staple


Gold Emblem Everything Bagel Seasoning, $4,

We all know how much of a necessity everything bagel seasoning is, and now that it’s available at CVS, you can stock up or quickly grab a bottle if you’re running low. This season goes great on bagels, avocado toast, eggs, chicken, you name it. Make sure to grab some on your next CVS run.

Favorite Snack for Fueling Up


Gold Emblem Abound Heart Healthy Trail Mix, $6,

Heart-healthy trail mix that tastes good? Sign me up. This trail mix is full of raisins, cranberries, walnuts, almonds, raw pepitas, and chunks of chocolate to keep you moving all day long. Get good, clean, natural energy with this delicious, heart-healthy trail mix from Gold Emblem.

Favorite Movie Night Snack


Gold Emblem Abound Heavenly Light Popcorn

There is no better movie snack than popcorn. But this Heavenly Light Popcorn from Gold Emblem is perfect. This popcorn is light and fluffy, and with only three simple ingredients you can feel good while snacking. 

Ready to try these treats? Before adding them to your cart, make sure you sign up for their ExtraCare Rewards Program—it's free! You'll get exclusive discounts, earn points, and you can use the program in-store and online.

Happy snacking!