In the wake of their sensational Free Cone Day, I learned some exciting news about Ben and Jerry’s non-dairy collection. They released several new flavors, including some “pint slices,” two new non-dairy flavors, and an entirely new line of flavors with truffles inside.

I know I’m a little behind; these flavors were announced back at the end of January. But for some (such as myself), they are just now reaching the local stores. 

As I’m sure many can relate, I was in class and unable to make it to Free Cone Day, so I consoled myself by heading to Target for a pint of my favorite dairy-free treat.

Not only were the pints on sale, but my eyes fell upon this beauty. Somehow I had missed the announcement of these, so to say I was excited to find a new flavor is a bit of an understatement. 

Rebecca Bontrager

Chocolate with brownie batter and peanut butter cookie dough, and it’s all vegan? It's basically ice cream heaven!

As I would have expected from Ben & Jerry's non-dairy, the base is creamy and decadent. The flavor of brownie chunks is spot on, and the cookie dough pieces are huge and sweet and chewy and everything that cookie dough should be.

Rebecca Bontrager

I’m not ashamed to admit that I ate about half of the pint right before lunch. Sorry mom, but a dessert this important has to come first.

Unfortunately, my local Target (and apparently other stores in my area) have yet to stock the cinnamon bun flavor. I was actually looking forward to that one more because this quiz told me that it’s the flavor I should try. Now that I am out of the dark, I won't be satisfied until I find this delicious treat. The quest goes on until I find my swirly, cinnamon-y treasure, even if that might mean driving 40 minutes to my nearest scoop shop. 

So How Does it Compare?

Compared to the other Ben and Jerry's flavors non-dairy flavors, Peanut Butter Half-Baked comes pretty close to being my favorite. The flavor and texture are fantastic as always, and it has ample chunks. Still, P.B. and Cookies is my favorite of the bunch. There's something about the flavor combination of peanut butter and Oreo that can't be beat, and personally, I prefer the texture of baked cookies over cookie cough in ice cream.

If you love brownie chunks, but want something a little more simple, Chocolate Fudge Brownie is a similar flavor, but more dressed down. It's perfect for intense chocolate cravings. Some of their other non-dairy flavors include revised classics like Chunky Monkey and Cherry Garcia, as well as new creations like Coffee Caramel Fudge and Coconut Seven-Layer Bar.

That's what I love about companies like Ben & Jerry's; they are proving that you don't have to give up things that you love by going dairy-free. With so many different flavors out there, there's bound to be one for every craving or occasion, from ice cream parties with friends to a night in with Netflix. Who knows, maybe you can discover a new surprise favorite of your own?