I have always had an intense adoration for ketchup. To me, ketchup makes almost all of my daily meals more enjoyable. For example, I believe it is essential for ketchup to be paired with most types of eggs, chicken fingers, every type of fry (duh!), any form of potato that is not mashed or baked, onion rings, any form of burger, hot dogs, and almost all fried savory foods. However, I know even more extreme ketchup advocates who apply this condiment on their pizza, pasta, nachos, mac and cheese, and so on (yuck!). Because I have loved ketchup for the entirety of my existence, I am confident that I know a thing or two about the different types and brands that this tasty condiment has to offer. Thus, I am almost 100% positive that I will introduce you to the best ketchup ever as well as some other honorable mentions. 

First, an American classic, Heinz, is a ketchup staple. Although it is not my favorite, it is very convenient because of its popularity and accessibility and does the job just fine. For me personally, if I have not had this ketchup in awhile, it takes me some time to adjust to its flavor. It is quite acidic and borderline chemically, but its what I grew up on! Another great ketchup product is Whole Foods organic tomato ketchup. It is extremely noticeable that this type of ketchup is less processed because of its true dark red tomato color and the texture and consistency is a bit more thin and grainy. This ketchup is absolutely delicious because of its mildly spicy tang that adds incredible flavor to any meal! A noteworthy candidate is Annie's organic ketchup. I would say that this version is a good dupe for Heinz, but it is just a little less sour and tastes less processed. 

The reigning champion of the battle of the ketchups is hands down Trader Joe's organic ketchup. I can easily say that this is probably one of the hardest goodbyes I have to make when packing my bags and leaving for school. This product takes the cake for the best ketchup ever! It shares almost identical packaging and a similar taste to the Whole Foods organic tomato ketchup, but I believe that the Trader Joe's version is just a tad bit superior. Its flavor is absolutely delicious and just a little bit of this stuff goes a long way (even though I could probably use the whole bottle in one sitting!). My friends and family often look at me in disgust because of the absurd amount of this stuff I use when my meal requires that extra zest. Even though they may be appalled by the ridiculous quantity of this ketchup I consume, they can all agree that Trader Joe's organic ketchup comes first in place in this competition. I hope that my deep devotion to this ketchup has enticed you to go buy a bottle or two of your own!

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