As the semester winds down, finals and exam week are upon us. That can only mean one thing: countless hours spent studying in the lib. If you’re like me, you like to bring snacks with you to help keep you motivated as you study.

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Jocelyn Hsu

Many college students, look for convince when it comes to food. Unfortunately the majority of quick and cheap food, tends to be unhealthy. I have come up with a list of healthy snacks, to get you motivated during your time studying in the library for hours on end.

1. Trail mix

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Torey Walsh

I know it may seem kind of basic, but this is actually one of my favorite snacks. The key is not to buy prepacked trail mix, but buy nuts, popcorn and fruit to put it together yourself! The prepackaged trail mixes, tend to be full of sugar and not so high in nutrients. In my trail mix bag, I love to put dried mango or apple slices, cashews, almonds and Boom Chicka Pop or Skinny Pop. The best thing about trail mix, is how versatile it is! You can truly personalize it, so it incorporates any snack that you crave!

2. Fresh fruit

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Kristine Mahan

Fruit is full of natural sugars that will help to keep you motivated and won’t send you crashing after a few hours. I love clementine, bananas and apples. You can put them all together in a small Ziploc bag or leave them whole. They are entirely delicious and don't bother your neighbor with any loud chewing. 

3. Granola/ protein bars

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Athena Abdien

There are some granola bars that tend to do the job better than others. My best advice would be to read the ingredients list and to check the sugar content. Some of my favorite granola/protein bars are Kind bars and Fig bars. Kind bars, are well known for using healthy ingredients are less sugar. They come in an assortment of flavors and are sure to help to keep you full, while you stay on your grind!

4. Peanut butter or hummus

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Kendra Valkema

I could not live without hummus, not a joke. I use mini hummus packs, and pack veggies or pita chips, to keep myself motivated during a long day of studying. If hummus isn’t your favorite thing, even though I highly recommend everyone to try it, peanut butter is also great. Some companies sell mini packs of PB, but I tend to put it in a Tupperware. You can pair peanut butter with celery, pretzels, apples and more. The possibitles are endless, but they all help in keeping you full for longer!!

5. Dried fruit

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Hailey Nelson

I know I already mentioned this, in the trail mix section but they are so good they deserve to be mentioned twice. My personal favorite is dried mango (especially from trader Joe’s) and dried apples. I have only just recently gotten into the benefits of dried fruit; I never wanted to eat them previously because I thought they looked wrinkly and wouldn't taste as good as the fresh version. However, as a college student, it can be hard to get fresh mangoes or berries. Dried fruit, is a nice alternative to this and is delicious! Be sure to look at the labels, and chose a brand that doesn’t add sugar to their product. The ingredients listed, should just be the dried fruit, nothing else! Dried fruit is also well known to help improve brain function and help you get in the zone while studying. 

6. Applesauce

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Felice Segall

I know a lot of people, who have the applesauce that comes out in a squeeze tube. I have personally never had it, but it seems to be delicious and convenient. My favorite is Motts unsweetened granny smith flavored applesauce. If you bring this to the library, with a spoon, it is a healthy, sweet and delicious way to cure your hunger!

7. Green tea

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This is a drink and may not count as a snack, but it is important to be drinking as healthy as you are eating. In the libraries at my school, there are Starbucks (and a Starbucks truck--be very jealous). This is where I tend to get my green tea. If your budget is tight or can't afford to go out to buy a cup of tea , make it ahead of time and take it in a to-go bottle.  This will help to cut down the cost, while also reducing the amount single use cups used. When you make it at home, just make sure you have a thermos or reusable bottle that can hold hot temperatures. My favorite teas are: the green tea from Yogi tea or green tea from Bigelow. I also tend to add honey, as a natural sweetener. This is a great drink to keep you warm and cozy, but isn’t filled with sugar. It will keep you awake, while you study hard. 

Eating healthy while studying at school isn't impossible, it may take some time but it is worth it in the end. Healthy snacks will help to increase your energy and boost your performance when you are feeling drowsy in the lib. Be sure to stock up on your favorite healthy snack variations, for the coming exam weeks ahead! Good Luck!