No matter what you're craving or what time of day it is, the 336 Market in Benson has got your back when you're on the search for something to munch on. They're stocked with the best healthy snacks that are undoubtedly more exciting than that banana sitting in your dorm room, but that won't leave you feeling sluggish when you desperately need to power through that essay. Keep reading to learn about my top picks and find out which snack to choose (depending on your mood). 

1. For that late night cookie dough craving: 

Sophie Bellomy

We all have those nights where we get a sudden, urgent need to locate the nearest package of cookie dough. That's where P.S. Snacks cookie dough comes in. They come in three amazing flavors- chocolate chip, peanut butter (my personal favorite), and fudge brownie, plus are made with super nutrient-dense ingredients and come in perfectly portioned cups. Not only that, but the company P.S. Snacks was started by Nikki Azzara, a Wake Forest graduate! These are also an amazing late-night option because their main ingredient is chickpeas, which are rich in tryptophan (which aids in sleep), folate, and vitamin B-6. Folate helps to regulate sleep patterns, and vitamin B-6 helps to regulate your body clock, making these the perfect nighttime indulgence. 

2. When you need a boost before a workout:

Sophie Bellomy

Bare banana chips are an easy grab-and-go option that are literally made with one ingredient- bananas. This healthy treat will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth and also makes a great snack to grab before you hit the gym. The carbohydrates in bananas provide the fuel your body needs for athletic endurance, and the potassium found in bananas is essential in muscle function and can help prevent cramping.  

Spoon Tip: Dip these into peanut butter to take your snack to the next level. 

3. For when you're having a rough day: 

Sophie Bellomy

These Hail Merry dairy-free, vegan chocolate tarts are made with super nutritious ingredients like coconut oil and almond flour, but still taste super indulgent. Plus, dark chocolate contains flavanols and methylxanthines which have been shown to improve mood and decrease depression and anxiety. So the next time you're feeling overly stressed or sad, treat yourself to one of these and let the chocolate do its magic.  

4. For when you need some brain fuel for your hardcore study session: 

Sophie Bellomy

Not only are these beet chips a fun color and full of fiber, but they also are super salty, crunchy and satisfying like a classic potato chip. Most importantly, they pack a ton of health benefits- the nitrates in beets have been shown to improve mental cognition, especially with things like decision making and working memory. That makes them the perfect option to munch on right before that lengthy study session or as you write that five page essay. 

5. For the days when breakfast just didn't happen: 

Sophie Bellomy

It's college. Some days we just don't have the time to sit down for breakfast. It's still important to provide ourselves with fuel for the day though- especially as students. Luckily the 336 market offers a wide variety of things you can pick up on the way to class for the most important meal of the day. One of my favorites are Perfect bars, which are especially great for breakfast because they have a little more sustenance than your average granola or protein bar, and are packed with protein and 20 superfoods. They come in a bunch of different flavors too, including pumpkin spice, perfect for this time of year!

6. For when you're craving alllll the salt: 

Sophie Bellomy

These little guys are crunchy, salty, and cheesy but are a definite step-up from your normal cheese crackers. They're made with super clean (and non-GMO!) ingredients, like almond flour, sunflower seeds, and flax seeds- all of which might actually help curb your craving for salt more than potato chips might. When we're craving salt,  it's often caused by a deficiency in trace minerals, such as magnesium or silicon- both of which are found in the ingredients of these crackers. 

These are just some of the amazing options found in the 336 Market, and new items appear all the time. So now that you know some of the incredible health benefits found in some of their snacks, you can go explore their shelves instead of resorting to something boring next time you need a little something in between meals.