How many of you woke up in the morning with a horrible headache, nausea, and regrets of extensive drinking? I am guilty as charged as well as many others. There's no one solution to cure a hangover—every person finds their own remedy. Throughout the years, different countries have come up with traditional cures that turn into a staple cure for the majority of the people in the world.

But what makes specific products a remedy? Essentially for hangover cures, it's important to consume products that contain salt, spice, fat, protein, alcohol, and acid. Water helps to re-hydrate the body, when combined with juices while also boosting the amount of vitamins.

Australia - Berocca

Let's start the list with the most obvious hangover cure - Berocca. Even though in the United States it's labeled as an energy support product, the vitamin and mineral content will help to ease the pain. Berocca contains a high-level of Vitamin B and helps the body to re-hydrate after a night out.

Bangladesh - Coconut Water

Hangover cures are all about hydrating your body and brain, so coconut water seems like a good substitute to a regular glass of water. Coconuts are loaded with sodium and have higher potassium count than bananas. It will restores what your body lost, while still hydrating. 

Canada - Poutine

Greasy food. We eat it before, during, and after drinking, hoping to prevent the worst hangover we might have. Canadians found a dish that satisfies any picky eater out there - poutine. A combination of fries and beef gravy topped with cheese creates a great amount of grease perfect for out body when it needs to restore itself.

China - Green Tea

Green tea is known as a powerful antioxidant that can protect our body from excessive alcohol consumption. The main component catechins reduces risk of liver failure.  

Croatia - Burek

Another greasy and cheesy dish for hangover cures. The dough soaks up all of the alcohol left-overs, while cheese and meat slower the alcohol absorption into the system. 

Denmark - Reparationsbajer

The first on our list of hangover cures that is actually alcoholic itself. In Denmark, people drink "repair beer" not because they want to cure a hangover, but because it makes them feel better after their previous night. 

France - Cassoulet

As in all countries, there are several traditional hangover cures in France and some of them sound more interesting than others. I choose cassoulet because it's not only one of the oldest recipes for hangover cures, but it also takes 3 days to make! (Well, if you're not using a cheat recipe.) This dish is high in carbs and proteins for faster restoration of your body.  

Germany - Rollmops

Rollmops mainly consist of herring fish, which is usually served with sour cream and onions. Since this dish is pickled, it's sure to easily cure any symptoms of a morning hangover.  

India - Lemon Water and Herbal Tea

Lemons contain citric acid and are full of Vitamin B6. This combination changes the level of PH in our bodies, which in turn helps with hangover symptoms. Another cure in India is herbal tea, which comes in all shapes and form. This article lists all of the hero herbs that help to cure hangover. 

Ireland - Irish Breakfast

What is green, involves a lot of drinking, and comes from Ireland? Exactly, St. Patrick's Day and after celebrating this holiday comes a very painful hangover. Ireland's most popular hangover cure is the Irish breakfast that consist of bacon, eggs, sausages, black pudding, beans, and fried tomatoes.

Italy - Espresso

Some might say that coffee will only make the headache worse, but Italians believe that a cup of espresso will perk you up and you will be ready for a day in the town. 

Japan - Pickled Plums

Umeboshi or pickled plums is the most popular hangover cure in Japan. Samurai warriors carried these plums with them in case of dehydration. It's a very sour cure—like Sour Patch Kids but 100x more sour. 

Poland - Pickle Juice

Pickle juice is the most popular hangover cure that is known around the world. However, not a lot of people are aware that this holy grail cure comes from Poland, where people used this remedy for years. The salt and vinegar contained in pickle juice will start storing water to put the body back in balance.

Scotland - Irn Bru

It's rare to see a carbonated drink on a list of hangover cures, since our body is already dehydrated. However, this Scotland's national drink boosts energy, while citric acid returns water into the body.

South Korea - Haejangguk

Haejangguk translates into "stew to cure a hangover" is one of the most popular cures in South Korea. This spicy soup warms up your stomach and brings nutrients back into your body. 

United Kingdom - Full English Breakfast

Ah what can be better than greasy and full of protein breakfast the morning after a fun night? Studies suggest that fried food is the best answer to fix nausea in the morning. English breakfast consist of eggs, bacon, sausages, mushrooms, and beans. Eggs are high in protein, vitamin B and D, which all help with hangover. 

United States of America - Prairie Oyster

Last but not least a hangover cure from United States. Prairie Oyster contains 4 out of 5 essential components for hangover cure. This drink contains brandy, Worcestershire sauce, red wine vinegar, Tabasco sauce, and raw egg yolk. 

No matter where you are from, try one of these remedies for yourself to find out which one works wonders.