We’ve all been there. One (or seven) tequila shots too many, and your headache will absolutely not go away the next morning no matter how many ibuprofen pills you choke down. Sigh, the dreaded hangover. Hangovers are a cruel, yet necessary part of life. Without them, our liver/head/entire body would have no way of telling us to chill the f*ck out with our drinking.

I usually get the worst headaches known to man. I'm talking the type that feels like a little human with a gong is sitting behind my eyeballs just pounding away. What irks me are those people who never seem to be hungover. You know the ones. They could literally drink an entire tub of jungle juice and then get up and hit the gym the next morning. How do they do it?

We asked some of our peers for their best cures for a hangover and this is what we found. Hopefully one of these works for you (we promise that bull penis does not make the list). 


bagel, egg, ham, sandwich, cheese
Taylor Holmes

"E-hall brunch—what better way to soak up your alcohol-filled stomach than with pizza, a hamburger, pasta, an omelette, and cake?"

"Cheez-its and a Pepsi."

"Jimmy Johns subs."

"Anything greasy, aka Cookout. 10/10 would recommend a corndog tray with a side of corndog."

"Mr. J’s Taylor ham, egg, and cheese on an everything bagel (add cream cheese). Just trust me on this one."

"Scrambled eggs or an omelette for those who can't leave the house because you're probably still too drunk to drive."


chocolate, coffee, milk, cream, espresso, sweet, dairy product
Hannah Linn

"WATER (duh)."

"Chocolate milk—my mother swears by it, and we all know mama knows best."

"Cold tonic water."

"Pedialyte, it's not just for babies!"

"Gatorade for some much needed electrolytes."

"Coconut water

General Advice

tea, water, coffee
Emma Glubiak

“Wake up, take three Advil and chug a huge glass of water, then sleep until you wake up to pee.”

"Leave two water bottles on your night stand for a 5am chug."

“Sunglasses and Advil."

"Drive to the ocean or jump in a pool of cold water."

“Throwing up works like a charm."

"Herbal assistance, for sure."

Hangovers are inevitable, but with a little help from friends and a lot of extra sleep, your hangover will soon pass and you can start to mentally and physically prepare yourself for the night to come. Good luck and Godspeed.