March Madness, like Superbowl, is looking a little different this year, but at least we've got one. And while many people are still watching the games, joining brackets and eating the same greasy foods, some have drastically changed their diets in quarantine. And shouldn't those who have still get to indulge in fun foods without sacrificing the strides they've made?

While it can be hard to find foods that are as good for you as they are for your tastebuds and your soul, we've scoped out some of the best Vegan March Madness eats for those with a taste for bad foods that aren't all that bad for you. So skip the crazy takeout, and try these instead—you may not even miss it!

1. Tons of newbies from Sweet Earth

Ashley Steinberg

Despite what the name may imply, Sweet Earth has been a pioneer in the savory vegan food game for years now and they have a slew of new snacks on their docket. Options range from their latest pizza, a plant-based Pepperoni Pizza, to their Burritos (Buffalo-Chik'n and Awesome Cheeseburger). And they're all pretty damn good.

2. Snow Days

Nope, we're not wishing more snow on you. Snow Days is an organic, grain-free pizza bite company and tbh I kinda liked them better than most pizza roll bites I've tried. They have a good amount of tomato sauce to cheese ratio in the center, and when heated it oozes without pouring out and leaving a hollow shell like others do. Plus, it's much healthier.

3. Daring Original - "Chicken" Fingers/Nuggets

Daring is a plant-based chicken brand with 11-13g of protein and flavors including: Original, Cajun, Lemon + Herb, and *NEW* Breaded pieces. Bonus: they also teamed up with Just Salad and are now offered as another meatless protein topping!

4. Del Monte Veggieful Pocket Pies

Ashley Steinberg

Del Monte's pocket pies tasted like you want a handheld snack to taste right off the bat. Flavorful without being overwhelming, and if you have patience and let it sit as instructed, it won't even burn your mouth. They've got a full serving of veggies and real cheese in each and come with a cauliflower crust. Have two guilt-free!

5. Biena Snacks Plant-Based Keto Puff

Last but not least, are you looking for an alternative to your everyday potato chips? These Keto Puffs by Biena are light and airy, which could spell danger in that they may cause you to eat an entire bag in one sitting. Fear not, these snacks only include 12g fat and 5g of net carbs per serving.

See, March Madness doesn't have to drive your tastebuds mad—at least not in a bad way! With these snacks as options, you can have a healthy balance of good-for-you-taste and better-for-you health options, and if your non-veggie-loving friends disagree, they can grab their own food on the way over.