Are you thrown off by the many different types of Greek yogurt and don’t know which to choose? Which Greek yogurt is more sour, and which is creamier? Which is better with fruit, and which is better plain? With all these questions coming to mind, it’s hard to find a favorite without trying all of them, which is such a hassle.

Don’t fret, though: here is a quick and simple ranking of the most common Greek yogurts out there.

Greek yogurt is made simply by straining the whey from plain yogurt which not only decreases the amount of lactose but also increases protein content. Greek yogurt usually has a thick consistency and a relatively tart taste compared to regular yogurt. Here are some of the popular Greek yogurt brands you might find in your local grocery store ranked from worst to best:

5. The Greek Gods

The seemingly high-end letters on the container might make it look authentic, but the flavors of this particular brand aren’t satisfying. The overall taste is more sweet than sour, and the texture is oddly chunky. Even though the whole-fat version has a better taste, this slight improvement is due to the light amount of cream added, which, quite frankly, does not make it the “traditional Greek yogurt” it claims to be.

4. Yoplait Greek


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Yoplait is also a brand known for making snack yogurt. Nevertheless, a common flaw in Yoplait’s Greek yogurt is the overwhelming taste of edible essences such as saccharin, making the flavor less natural. Apart from that, there also lacks in Yoplait a smooth, comfortable consistency, even if you try and stir it up.

3. Dannon Greek

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Dannon is quite famous and successful at producing all kinds of regular yogurt. Its sister product, the Greek yogurt line, is no less tasty. From the Greek OIKOS (meaning “family” or “household”) line to the Greek Light & Fit line of yogurts, Dannon’s Greek yogurt is of good quality in terms of taste and texture. Other than the slight overpowering taste of saccharin in the Greek Light & Fit, Dannon Greek yogurt is definitely worth trying (especially the caramel macchiato flavor).

2. Chobani


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The Chobani Originals have a great variety of flavors and a great consistency. They are not too sweet and are just right if you want your Greek yogurt to be balanced in terms of tartness. The Chobani Simply 100 products aim to control calorie intake per serving. However, the sugar and fat substitutes used give the yogurt a weird flavor. The toppings taste a bit fake, and the consistency is not desirable.

1. Fage

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Fage, pronounced fah-yey, means “to eat” in Greek. Fage generally has two lines of products: the Total 0% and the Total 2%. The texture of the Total 0% yogurt is a little dry and can sometimes be chunky. However, I personally find it useful to take the yogurt in a separate bowl and lightly stir it up: it instantly gives the yogurt a velvety-smooth texture that is irresistible.

Because Fage Greek yogurt is more sour than most Greek yogurts you might find, I recommend the fruit-flavored varieties if you don’t want your yogurt too tart. I personally am obsessed with the honey-mixed Fage: greek yogurt with a slight nut-brown color and faint sweet smell is not to be missed. Overall, Fage has the most authentic taste when it comes to Greek yogurt.