There’s that one cardinal rule about drinking that you probably already know: always make sure to eat before you embark on a night (or a long day) of drinking. It’ll save you from a painful hangover or an upset stomach, and give you the energy to power you through a good time.

However, in this pre-party situation, the important detail is that it’s more important than ever to make sure to have a well-balanced meal or snack before heading out. Keep in mind that you want a mixture of carbs, fats, and proteins to help slow your digestion and keep you marathoning through your next daytime party.

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1. Mediterranean food

Gyro with tjatzeekee sauce

Photo by Christin Urso

Whether you’re ordering kebabs or some sort of pita dish, Mediterranean food will have you covered with a combination of meat, rice or pita bread, and mixed veggies to keep it fresh. Not to mention that hummus and pita is a winning source of protein and carbs.

Try: George’s Greek Grill or Panini Cafe

2. Sandwiches

day drink

Photo by Sarah Joh

The best part about sandwiches is that you can literally put anything between two slices of bread and it will taste good. Sandwiches are usually an inexpensive choice, and I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like sandwiches. Put as much or as little as you like in them.

Do it PB&J style, chicken pesto, turkey breast, tri-tip — seriously, do whatever you want because everyone is going to love it. You almost always get your carbs, veggies, and protein in because when you think sandwiches, it just comes to mind to put bread, meat, and some kind of vegetable in there.

Try: Lenny’s Deli or The Rustiq Table

3. Mexican food

day drink

Photo by Kathleen Lee

Maybe you’ll be hitting up your favorite taco stand or truck later that night as you head back home, but Mexican food is also a good pre-game food choice. Tortilla, beans, guac, meat… everything you need. It’s all there.

Try: Chichen Itza or Danny’s Tacos

4. Korean food

Bulgogi 2

Photo by Eugene Ang

Not to be all stereotypical, but most of my Korean friends can drink, like, a lot (and maybe there’s a reason why – food)! Get some meat or soup in yo’ belly before the party starts, so you can compete with them. Marinated beef (bulgogi), Korean-style ramen, or tofu soup will get you through a hard day’s worth of having fun.

Try: Yangji Gamjatang or O Dae San Korean BBQ

5. Brazilian food

day drink

Photo by Maria Gabriela Jorge

Probably the most famous of Brazilian food is the açaí berry, which is one of the healthiest berries in the world and contains a load of antioxidants. If you really love your friends you’ll get them an açaí bowl, or chip in for some! The country’s food has influences from Africa and Europe, so you get all kinds of meat, veggies and carbs. From slow cooking meat to rice and beans, and their staple cassava (root vegetable), Brazilian food has got the nutrients and the flavors to get the party rollin’.

Try: Ta Bom Truck

6. Salads

day drink

Photo by Becky Hughes

It’s easy to crinkle your nose at salad, but salad doesn’t have to be boring or qualify as “rabbit food.” Leafy greens are important, y’all, and salad’s an offering at a lot of places. Go for options that include toppings with proteins like chicken and hard-boiled eggs (even bacon) to make sure what you get will actually keep you full.

Try: Om Nom Organics or Cuore Dell Amante

7. Indian or Thai food

day drink

Photo by Jason Cruz

The spices in curry have some great health benefits like anti-inflammatory properties, immune system boosting, and blood sugar regulation. If you’re preparing to sling back those shots or start sipping on something alcoholic throughout the day, why not help yourself to some of these benefits? Sure, curry can be a little pungent or spicy, but pair it with some rice or a creamy drink like a mango lassi and you’ll be good to go.

Try: Flavors of Thai or Himalayan House

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