What is this phenomenon of creepy clowns lurking on college campuses and how can we stop it ASAP? I don't have the power to stop them, but there is a little advice I can give you so you can live with them. 

The following foods are fear-reducing and sleep-inducing, so those nightmares of the creepy clowns you've been having don't ruin your beauty sleep. 

1. Zucchini

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Mujahid Zaman

Luckily zucchini is easy to cook with and a perfect vegetable to pair with your favorite protein. Zucchini is proven to fight fear, so if these creepy clowns are causing you to clench your fists, try any one of these linked recipes to calm you down. My personals favs are zucchini linguine, zucchini corn salad, and homemade zucchini chips

2. Salmon

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Andrea Baysa

How fitting that salmon and zucchini pair so well together. If you have these two fear-reducing foods in one dinner, you will forget that the clowns will be lurking outside your window all together.

Salmon is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids that help keep your adrenaline from going haywire when you are tense. Incorporate this protein into your dinner and you will be ready to take on the clown gang!

3. Tart Cherry Juice

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Cherry juice? If you want to know what food helps you have a peaceful slumber, this drink will pop up again and again. Supposedly, the juice is rich in melatonin but very tart, too, so mix it with a club soda. 

4. Bananas 

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Katherine Carroll

As you all know, 'naners are rich in potassium, but also in vitamin B6. These nutrients help the body make melatonin, so have a banana a day to keep the nightmares away!

As we wait for the gang of clowns to stop their nonsense, try just about every hack out there to calm your nerves. Stay safe and sleep tight!