Autumn is the ideal season for dinner by candlelight. But what about lighting candles that look like dinner? The food world is all too familiar with edible (or not) optical illusions. Just look at 2020's “is it cake?” trend. The meme conjectured whether regular objects (like a lone roll of toilet paper or an unassuming Croc) were actually elaborate confections in disguise. The aptly-labeled fad spurned shock, horror, and a Netflix show of the same name. In recent years, whimsical food-themed comforts like burrito blankets, bread lamps, and strawberry vases, have been popping up in gift shops and social media feeds everywhere. While saccharine fragrances mimicking the sugary scents of a bakery could easily have been found in any Yankee Candle or Bath & Body Works circa 2010, now, candles shaped like food are putting a kitschy kitchen twist on home decor.

Spaghetti bowl candle, $78 

Photo via Gohar World

This saucy light source is perfect for pasta night. Friends may be dismayed when they discover the heaping plate of pasta on your table is in fact, made of wax. At least this will last a little longer than a good bowl of bolognese. 

Butter candle, $26

Photo via Big Night

If you can’t make it to the French market, butter up your bestie with an adorably wrapped and beautifully scented gift (neroli, jasmine, and orange blossom).  

Dumpling candle, $20

Photo via Yui Brooklyn

Order soup dumplings or steamed dumplings and set the mood with faux food that comes in its own tiny steamer. 

Cookie tin candle, $78 

Photo via Gohar World

We’ve all been duped by a cookie tin that happens to be housing a haphazard collection of sewing supplies. The good news is, this time the tin really does contain cookies! They just happen to be candles.

Fried chicken candle, $32

Photo via Gohar World

Your crush will be convinced your nightstand is covered in crispy drumsticks at first glance, thanks to this trickster chicken candle. But *SIKE* it’s just a bunch of fried chicken tea lights. Excellent for ambiance.

Garlic candle, $39

Photo via Yui Brooklyn

You can never have too much garlic. Now, you can ensure your dinner and your desk are seasoned and stylish. 

Pasta candle, $26 

Photo via Big Night

For those of us who still cherish our childhood macaroni necklaces, it’s time to introduce your passion for pasta fashion to home decor. 

Cheeseboard candles, $82

Photo via Choosing Keeping 

Stock up on artificial charcuterie for your next gathering thanks to a surreal assortment of meat, cheeses and bread. Be sure to warn your guests to look but don’t touch (or eat!). 

Sparkling wine candle, $88

Photo via John Derian

It’s the season of celebration, so pop some candles and light the champagne!... I mean pop the champagne and light some candles…that also happen to resemble champagne?

Corn candle, $20 

Photo via

Sure, this clever knick knack is kind of corny, but this uncanny replica will remind you of warmer days when all you were consuming was the stuff fresh from the cob.

Cake candle, $35

Photo via Yui Brooklyn

“Is it cake?” NO IT’S A CANDLE. Don’t even try slicing into this delectable illusion. You might not be a TikTok cake artist, but you can purchase a personalized cake-shaped candle for every occasion. 

Egg candle, $26

Photo via Choosing Keeping

How do you like your eggs? If the answer is handmade, adorned with salt and pepper, and crafted from wax, then this fried trinket is for you.

Lemon candle, $25

Photo via Yui Brooklyn

This sneaky citrus candle belongs on your kitchen counter. Now if only they made a lime version for Dakota Johnson. 

Croquembouche candle, $52 

Photo via Gohar World

Can you say “croquembouche?” Even if you can’t make (or say) this elaborate French pastry, you can still cover your kitchen counter with the fluffy stuff. 

Mac & cheese candle, $30

Photo via Urban Outfitters

The only noodle more memorable than the neon orange macaroni in the bright blue box is this Krafty candle paying homage to the childhood favorite.  

Strawberry dessert candle, $48

Photo via Anthropologie

Marie Antoinette would have loved this.

Pickle Candle, $18

Photo via Nata Concept Store

This cute cucumber candle is an i-dill gift.