While it's fun to try out new recipes during quarantine, many people are opting to get food deliveries from their favorite restaurants to take a break from washing dishes. Here are the top 10 food delivery services and deals you need to check out:

1. DoorDash

Right now DoorDash is waiving delivery fees for hundreds of restaurants when you try out their Dashpass for 30 days. Also, there are tons of restaurants (both local spots and chains) that have no delivery fee on your first order. Click here to either order online or download the app.

My favorite thing to order: Panda Milk Tea from Gongcha (Black milk tea with black tapioca pearls and agar boba)

2. Chipotle

While everyone knows that Chipotle is absolutely delicious, not everybody knows that every online order comes with free delivery.  Click here to order your burrito, bowl, tacos, or chips.

And don't forget to sign up for their rewards program! Every time you spend $1 dollar you'll get 10 points. The best part? 1250 points = Free Food!

My favorite thing to order: A bowl with pinto beans, chicken, cheese, sour cream, lettuce, and guac ( Yes. I don't put rice. And yes. I know it's weird)

3. Uber Eats

You pay $0 in delivery fees when you opt to share delivery from both local and chain restaurants with another order. Also when you subscribe to the Eats Pass you'll get free delivery and 5% your order. Click here to find something yummy near you.

 My favorite thing to order: Hot Dog with Crinkle Cut Fries and a Shack-made Lemonade (You can never go wrong with Shake Shack)

4. Domino's Pizza

If your craving a pizza night look no further than the Domino's app. All deliveries are contactless and you can mix and match any two or more menu items for $5.99 each! The app also has a tracking feature so you can monitor your delivery up to the moment it arrives. Click here to view the menu and order immediately.

My favorite thing to order: Cali Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza      (And a small helping of bread twists...which really means all of them)

5. Postmates

You can try the Unlimited version of Postmates for free. You'll get free delivery on every order as long as you spend over $12 (which happens basically every time) along with other perks. Click here to try it out ( it's only $9.99 per month after the trial!)

 My favorite thing to order: Italian Cannoli Pancakes from IHOP

(I love ordering this for a lazy Sunday brunch in my dorm)

6. Burger King

When you order anything over $10 from the Burger King app you get free delivery. They have also donated 200,000 burgers to healthcare professionals. What better way to support BK and all of the hardworking healthcare workers at this time than to order some Whoppers? Click here to order.

My favorite thing to order: Chicken Fries with Ranch

(Hands down, this is the ultimate combination)

7. Grubhub

When you try Grubhub+ you get 10% cashback every time you spend $100 and free delivery on every order that is over $12. Also whenever you choose to donate your change, Grubhub matches the donation. Being charitable and getting your favorite food delivered to your door? BRB, I'm ordering right now and click here so you can too. 

My favorite thing to order: Small Chicken Tenders with from KTown Chicken

(I feel like, at this point, it has been established that I eat a lot of chicken.)

8. Dunkin'

Just because you're stuck at home it doesn't mean that you have to miss out on this morning staple. When you download the Dunkin' app you'll get alerts about offers like $2 medium lattes. If you need a further excuse to order, click here to check out their amazing rewards system that allows you to get points on every purchase. 200 =  A free drink of your choice!

My favorite thing to order: Marble Frosted Donut with an Iced Macchiato (you have to Skim Milk and French Vanilla Swirl) 

9. goPuff

GoPuff is super popular on the college scene and with grocery stores sometimes running low, what better way to get snacks and drinks delivered quickly? No matter what you order delivery is always $1.95. Click here to order your latest cravings.

My favorite thing to order: Ruffles ( Original flavor of course) and Ben & Jerry's The Tonight Dough pint (The best sweet and salty combo, which is perfect for late-night snacks)

10. Panera Bread

Panera has found a way to help conveniently feed a whole family. For $29 or more you can order the "Family Feast" which includes sandwiches, salads, mac & cheese, and their famous baguette. It's also 20% off all gift cards so you can easily treat your friends and family.

Not to mention that seasonal favorites like Frozen Strawberry Lemonade and the Southwest Chicken Avocado Melt are back. All the more reason to click here to order now.

My favorite thing to order: Chocolate Chip Bagel with Cream Cheese and a Madagascar Vanilla Cream Cold Brew (for breakfast) or the Mac & Cheese (for lunch and dinner)