I could spend hours looking at food blogs. They’re certainly my favorite distraction. Besides the glorious pictures that make me hungry any time of day, the best food blogs offer thoughts on the role of food in our lives. For me, food has always been a part of my identity, both in my family and individually.

Food blogs let you do more than explore recipes and restaurants. They invite you to be creative and ask questions about what you're putting in your body. They're also just plain fun. That's why you're reading this, right? So, for your own enjoyment, distraction, or exploration, here are my favorite food blogs.

For any foodie: Pinch of Yum

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I discovered Pinch of Yum when I really got into cooking. From 5-ingredient dishes to healthy grilled sweet potato nachos and maple-glazed gingerbread scones, there's something for everyone.

Go to Pinch of Yum for all meal inspirations. Pinch of Yum's photography is especially on point. While my version of the recipes will never look as good, I think they turn out tasting just as good. My favorites are the spicy Thai chicken with quinoa and the lemon olive oil cake. Delicious every time. 

For sweets and healthy eats: Ambitious Kitchen

Ambitious Kitchen understands me. As a health-conscious person with a serious sweet tooth, I can always count on Ambitious Kitchen to give me the perfect dessert recipe. Besides desserts, Ambitious Kitchen also has great breakfast and dinner recipes, along with other posts on health in general.

My favorites include the almond butter chocolate chip protein cookies and the healthy carrot cake muffins with cream cheese glaze.

For the vegetarian: Cookie and Kate

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I am not a vegetarian, but I am one for recipes that call for fresh ingredients. Cookie and Kate's recipes are full of produce. Say goodbye to veggie burgers and tofu and welcome to the beautiful world of Cookie and Kate. Any meal you need, find it here.

My go-to Cookie and Kate recipe is the Easy Gluten-Free Oat Waffles: waffles with healthy grains and coconut oil. Healthy and waffles in the same sentence. What else could you ask for?

For the vegan: Oh She Glows

Again, not a vegan, but I definitely could be after reading through Oh She Glows. Many of my friends and family members are vegan, so this blog provides meals that will satisfy everyone. It's a solid reminder that veganism does not mean you're eating broccoli 24/7. Impress your friends with these breakfast burritos. They won't know what hit them.   

For the heath-conscious: Fit Foodie Finds

Fit Foodie Finds really is true to its name. The extensive recipe index will prove to you that eating healthy food does not mean eating boring, tasteless food. Bonus: you can search recipes by dietary restrictions. Try the Cilantro Lime Shrimp Bowls. You will be changed forever.

For the traveler: FEAST: an edible road trip

Fair warning, you will not be able to make any of these things for yourself. FEAST is a project dedicated to exploring foods throughout Canada. The good news is you'll know exactly where to plan your next trip.    

For the lazy-ish: Minimalist Baker

Minimalist Baker gives you a very good excuse to be lazy. All of the recipes require 10 ingredients or less, one bowl, or 30 minutes or less in preparation time. You don't have to spend hours making food that tastes this good. Whip up this mocha milkshake or these Thai spring rolls to brighten your day.

While there are so many food blogs out there, these are my go-to favorites. They have all the staples plus recipes I would never think to make on my own. I'll just leave 'em here for you. Enjoy!