With Halloween right around the corner, it's time to scramble to find a cute, yet creative costume. It's even more stressful when you're planning to dress up as a squad and everyone has to agree on something. Since everyone loves food, why not try a food-based group costume? Below are my personal favourites, and how to achieve these looks.

Pigs in a blanket

Want a way to be both an animal and a food? Look no further! This play on words will leave you with a costume that's both cute and cozy. Do it by wearing a pink shirt, a pig nose and ears, and a cozy blanket. 

Spice Girls

It's tough to pull off a true Spice Girls costume, because deciding who gets to be who and then explaining your costume to everyone can be difficult. So instead, just be actual spices! If you're crafty, this can be achieved with cardboard and paint. If you're a lazy girl like me, grab a baggy red shirt and some fabric pens.

French toast

Combine a great breakfast food with some cute French gear, and call yourself french toast! All you and your squad need is a french-inspired outfit and a cardboard cut out of toast! 

Fruit salad

This is the one my housemates and I are going to try out this year because it's super cute and super easy! Grab a baggy t-shirt in your fruit's colour and either sew on some felt or use fabric pens to add texture. 

Cookie monster

Put a fun foodie spin on a classic Sesame Street character! This one requires a blue shirt and a blue or black tutu,  with some cookie cut outs attached. You'll also need a Cookie Monster face cut out.


Easy, yet super adorable! All you need for this one is to get a shirt that matches a skittle colour and then attach a giant S or Skittles logo to it. You can get creative with this one by accessorizing. Can also be done with Smarties, for all us Canadians out there!

Dairy Queens

This one will keep you warm on that cold Halloween night. Just grab a cow onesie and put on a tiara. Boom! Dairy Queen. 

Gumball machine

This one is easier than it looks, I swear! Just get a blue skirt (or any vibrant colour really) and cover a top with small, colourful pom-poms. Using a fabric pen or a felt cut out, make the 25 cent sign. 

These are all super easy and cute costumes that you and your whole squad can dress up as. They don't require too much effort, and can be made with items from the dollar store or art store. Without a question, you are sure to look delicious this Halloween.