Netflix is loaded with food-related shows and movies. From cooking competitions to artsy documentaries about the most talented chefs in the world to the classics, there is something for any person who spends any time in the kitchen. Use this list to find out where to begin your next Netflix-binge.

The Newbie: Good Eats

At first glance, this show may seem a little old school, but Alton Brown's cooking tips and kitchen hacks are far from out-dated. He was making homemade protein bars and cooking with kale way before it was cool, and his enthusiastic pro-tips will quickly transform you into the best home cook on the block.

The Artist: Chef's Table

If your favorite part of cooking is plating, Chef's Table is the show for you. Each episode focuses on a different, world-renowned chef, exposing their food journey and showcasing some of their most intricate and breathtaking work. From the opening music to the final plating of a signature dish, this show will inspire in you a new level of food creativity.

The Adventurous Type: Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown

Join Anthony Bourdain as he travels the world, discovering some of the most authentic, exotic, and unheard of foods out there. Each episode will take you to a different place, giving you a sense for the culture and food scene, and allowing you to become the cultured foodie you long to be.

The Scientist: Cooked

This show is perfect for anyone who just likes to know how stuff works. Michael Pollan, the host of the show, traces cooking techniques back to their origins: water, fire, earth, and air. He visits chefs, food scientists, and home cooks around the world to discover and share how and why cooking came to be.

The Environmentalist: Food, Inc.


jdxyw on Flickr

If you are the person that does all their shopping at farmer's markets or carefully researches farms before buying their products, this is the one for you. Food, Inc. tells the truth about major food corporations, exposing their mistreatment of animals, as well as the threat they pose to the safety of farmers, the planet, and even to consumers.

It will give you the extra encouragement you need to continue buying local, fresh food, even if it is a little more expensive.

The Food Snob: NOMA My Perfect Storm

If your bucket list is basically a list of the best restaurants you can find, check this film out. René Redzepi is known as one of the best chefs on the planet, and his restaurant, NOMA, has been named as best restaurant multiple times. This documentary will show you the struggle to create and maintain a restaurant that meets your standards.

The Vegan: Vegucated

This documentary features a vegan in New York who picks up a few random meat-eaters off the street willing to try veganism for six weeks. Each person has a very unique experience, but (spoiler alert) the overall results are good. Watch it with your meat-eating friends to inspire a possible conversion to the vegan life.

All of these shows and movies are definitely worth the watch for anyone that likes to eat. But if you are looking for something tuned to your cooking style or level, these are a perfect place start.