June 18th is Father's Day; this is the day we celebrate dads: dad bods, dad jokes, dad style and other dad things that dads do. It is important to make sure you show your thanks, but what is the best way to do this? Here are some ideas!

For the Dad that likes his sleep

Nothing says thanks like letting your dad get some extra sleep. A perfect way to let your dad know you love him is to whip him up his favorite breakfast and let him enjoy it in bed. Need some food inspo? You can never go wrong with pancakes.

For the Dad that is likes to grill

Maybe your dad is the type that loves nothing more than to spend time grilling up food for the whole fam. This dad needs a combination of sauces and rubs to make his grilling creations good enough to brag about. 

For the Dad that is the cook in the family 

My dad is the chef in the family and he is always looking for new things to try cooking. Sound familiar? With a perfect cookbook and some new kitchen toys, he can turn our dining room into a restaurant. 

For the Dad with a sweet tooth

If your dad loves sweet treats, what better way to to spoil him than with cupcakes? You can get extra bonus points if they are homemade, because the most important ingredient is always ~love~.  

For the Dad who loves a good beer 

What is more dad-like than drinking beer? A dad making his own beer. 'Nuff said.

I hope every dad has a wonderful Father's Day. Special shoutout to my dad, John, for being one rad dad. Get your tissues ready because this pic collage is gonna be so tender.

Blair Baker