Pumpkin spice is in the air. With the release or the real pumpkin spice latte as well as the weather cooling down a bit, summer seems like a distant memory. But with the end of summer comes the fall season. It’s mid-September and we’ve already got pumpkin spice Oreos and ice cream.

Now don’t get me wrong I love pumpkin — muffins and pies in particular. In an effort to not forget about the other awesome fall flavors here’s a list of some that could use some love. They can also help you Spice Up Your Life.

fall flavors

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Amaretto & Whiskey

amaretto cupcakes

As the weather cools down, some peeps like to warm up with classy liquors. (No, not Fireball out of a Solo cup.) Whiskey and amaretto are pretty popular, and they’re also great in baked goods. With the holidays slowly approaching, amaretto especially reminds me of my grandparents chilling after Thanksgiving dinner. Make it into a more formal/family friendly dessert that your parents may eat (and not judge you), like this ice box recipe.

Apple & Apple Cider

fall flavors

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Apple picking is a popular fall past time (partly because of all those adorable pics), but not sure how to use up all those apples? The possibilities are endless. First you can start with the basics — apple pie a la dorm — and move on up to apple cider doughnuts. All my 21-year-olds can take things to the next level with some hard apple cider. Pumpkin spice latte? Nahhhhh. Apple cider cocktails for all.

Butternut Squash & Sweet Potato

fall flavors

Photo by Sean Koetting

I love that lots of these ingredients overlap (yay, savings). Sweet potatoes are great in pie or fry form, but they’re also rock when you roast ’em and make cinnamon honey sweet potatoes. Easiest side dish eva. You can do the same thing to butternut squash but this recipe ties in another fan fave we’ll talk about in a few.

Butterscotch, Caramel & Toffee

fall flavors

Photo by Chelsea Hawk

When I think of caramel, I think of apples. With butterscotch and toffee in the same boat, these flavors can sweeten up just about anything. I don’t care if you say it like “car-a-mel” or “car-mel” — either way, you should try out this recipe for chai caramel popcorn, yet another recipe utilizing more than one fall flavor.

Cinnamon, Chai & Nutmeg

fall flavors

Photo by Emily Bloch

Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Chai all have that warm nutty flavor. In place of your psl try a chai latte or better yet a spiced chai for a change of pace. This recipe combines both nutmeg, cinnamon and another fall time essential – apples, for the perfect fall flavored grilled cheese.

Chestnuts, Pecans & Walnuts

fall flavors

Photo by Jessica Payne

Nuts are great all year long but in the fall the become big sellers.  In particular walnuts and pecans make their way into tons of baked goods and are awesome to eat even by themselves. Bake em into muffins with this recipe here.


fall flavors

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There are tons of ways to use cranberries. Bake em’ into brownies, top salads with them, or even make your own cranberry sauce. The possibilities are endless. Check out some tips here.

Ginger & Gingersnap

fall flavors

Photo by Delissa Handoko

Fall is a wonderful season … but allergies are no joke. I’m constantly drinking ginger tea in an effort to boost that immune system. Gingersnap cookies are also great .. though I don’t think they have the same effect. Anyway, if you aren’t sick and want more kick to your ginger try adding some whiskey like in this recipe here.


fall flavors

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Maple is a great addition to sweeten up any recipe. You can use it in jams, on bacon, in ice cream and more. Take the savory route and use this fancy syrup to make killer pork chops. You can find the recipe here. Also, if you haven’t already heard maple water is the new coconut water.