Growing up in an area with ShopRite as my grocery store, I lived unaware of the glories that lay within Wegmans. But when I got to SUNY Binghamton, I came to realize that Wegmans has a reputation that precedes it. After all, Urban Dictionary defines Wegmans as, "the best damn grocery store that exists."

Stepping into a Wegmans for only the second time in my life to embark on the challenge of finding the store's best fall themed foods was overwhelming. The store was in full force fall-theme mode and it was a busy Saturday afternoon for locals to get their groceries. Scented pinecones, pumpkins, and gourds lined the entrance and it set me in the right mood to get the job done. 

I was completely surprised at the variety of fall food items available. The store even had shelves designated specifically for pumpkin flavored pastries.  

pumpkin, cake, cream
Erin Livingston

After spending just under an hour carefully examining and then choosing what I would buy, I checked out of Wegmans with the following must-try fall food items. 

Disclaimer: It was my goal to find foods that encapsulated fall flavors, not just appearances. Apologies ahead of time if I left out one of your favorites. 

1. Pumpkin Half Moon Cookie with Cream Cheese Icing 

cream, chocolate
Erin Livingston

These pumpkin cookies are soft and moist. They paired perfectly with the sweet cream cheese icing and were most definitely a personal favorite.

2. Cinnamon Swirl Donuts with Maple Icing

doughnut, chocolate, caramel, sprinkles
Erin Livingston

The maple icing on these cinnamon swirl donuts is one of the top fall flavors of the group. Together the cinnamon and the maple make for a fantastic original fall donut.

3. Apple Round Danish

cinnamon, pastry, sweet, cinnamon roll, bun, croissant, puff
Erin Livingston

It wouldn't be a fall-themed food list without something apple flavored. This apple round Danish has a perfect flaky crust and sweet tasting apple cinnamon middle. It's a treat I could buy again and again without getting sick of it. 

4. Pumpkin Donuts with Cinnamon Sugar

apple, cinnamon, doughnut
Erin Livingston

These pumpkin-flavored donuts are a twist on the classic apple cider donuts and they proved equally as delicious in their own way. The pumpkin flavor is subtle and the added cinnamon sugar is very satisfactory. 

5. Pumpkin Swirl Cheesecake 

pie, cream, cheesecake, chocolate, cheese
Erin Livingston

The pumpkin swirl cheesecake is the perfect fall treat for any cheesecake lover. It still tastes like cheesecake but with swirls of pumpkin pie filling added in for a convincing fall flavor. 

6. Wegmans Apple Cider

milk, tea
Erin Livingston

Wegmans apple cider, although not a "food" item, is an essential to have with any of the other treats. Its cinnamon apple flavor is subtle and calm, perfect for any fall day spent outside.  

#SpoonTip: Microwave for approximately 20 seconds and enjoy a warm blissful sip.