Fresh fruit happens to be one of my favorite snacks. They're refreshing, tasty, and of course, good for you too. This love of fruit isn't limited to just the fresh stuff though. I'm also a huge fan of fruit-flavored candies. Unfortunately, many of the artificial options don't taste as good as their real life counterparts, but after two decades of indulging in sweets, I've learned which fake fruit flavors are worth my time and which are not. Here's a definitive ranking of the most popular fake fruit-flavored candies and I've saved the best for last. (If you don't agree, that's totally cool, it just means more candy for me.)

14. Banana

Are you even surprised? Banana flavored candies are one of the worst things in existence and if you happen to actually like this godawful fake fruit flavor, then I'm never trusting anything you or your tastebuds have to say about food ever again. 

13. Coconut

If you've never tasted a real coconut, this flavor might be palatable, but as someone who grew up with the trees in their backyard, I can't bring myself to eat the artificial stuff. It tastes like sunscreen and NOT in a good way (is there a good way?). 

12. Cherry

Cherry-flavored candies taste like cough syrup and there is no point in fighting me on that. Is there anyone that's an actual fan of this sickly-sweet and medicinal flavor and if so, how do I get them as far away from me as possible?

11. Grape

Grape-flavored sweets are a bit of an anomaly because they can either taste like complete ass or be surprisingly tasty — most of the time its the former. Maybe it's for the best if you just eat the real thing (maybe frozen?).

10. Orange

There's something about orange-flavored candies that will inadvertently remind you of childhood. Maybe it's the fact that all of us snacked on clementines as kids? But a lot of times these candies are more disappointing than they are tasty.

9. Lemon-Lime

If you're a fan of sour candies, then lemon-lime might be one of your favorite fake fruit flavors, but I can't get past the fact that they taste how dish soap smells. 

8. Mango

I'm Thai, which means mango practically runs in my veins. As one of the more interesting and exotic fake fruit flavors in this list, you'll find that people either love or hate it.

7. Pineapple

I'm a huge fan of pineapple-flavored candies. It has the tartness of lemon-lime and the tropical vibes of coconut, but without reminding me of soap or sunscreen. 

6. Strawberry

Strawberry-flavored candies are one of the most versatile fake fruit flavors. You can find sodas, gummies, hard candy and even milk that is flavored like it. I guess that proves how popular it is.

5. Green Apple

According to my boyfriend, this flavor should be ranked way, way lower but he's not the one writing this list, so too bad. Green apple flavored candies taste nothing like real apples, but that doesn't matter, because they're delicious! 

4. Watermelon

Even though they might not be as refreshing or healthy as their real counterparts, there's something something about watermelon-flavored candies that is mouthwatering good. 

3. Peach

Whether it's in the form of gummy rings or as an addition to soda, peach candies are definitely one of the better fake fruit flavors. I just wish it were more popular.

2. Blue Raspberry

You've had a gummy worm, right? The real reason the blue and pink ones are considered the best isn't because of the pink flavor, it's because of blue. Sure, blue raspberries aren't real outside of Willy Wonka's garden, but that doesn't make the flavor any less tasty. Just try not to think too hard about where it comes from...

1. Lychee

Alright, this is probably the Asian in me coming out and being biased but come on, lychee is amazing. The exotic fruit is already delicious on its own, but once you've tried it in the rare gummy, hard candy or jello, you'll never want another fake fruit flavor again.