Thinking about what classes you are going to take next semester can be extremely stressful. If you’re like me, your preferred form of stress relief is, of course, eating. After six semesters here at Emory, I head into my senior year with tons of knowledge on the best professors - and the best restaurants.

If you are lost thinking about what classes you should take, lucky enough for you I have taken a shockingly wide variety of professors in distinct departments. As this is a food blog - and I am always thinking of food regardless - I thought I would give some recommendations of which teachers you should take for this coming semester and, weirdly enough, match them to the Atlanta restaurants that their personalities embody.

#1. O-Sha Thai + Dr. Simona Muratore

The first teacher I would highly recommend taking is Dr. Simona Muratore. Simona is in the Italian studies department, and feels more like a friend than a teacher because of her ability to connect with her students and radiate such a young soul. She is an extremely passionate professor that can get you to work hard, but also relax and just enjoy being in her presence talking about absolutely anything. Simona is not only absolutely brilliant and always willing to help, but is also extremely considerate and knows when we are burnt out and it’s time for a break - the amazing connection she has with her students is one of a kind.

I know what you’re thinking - I should choose an Italian restaurant to match Simona, but weirdly enough, O-Sha Thai’s environment matches Simona’s positive and fun character. O-Sha Thai is a new and up-and-coming restaurant in Midtown that I'm predicting is going to be the absolute go-to spot once it blows up. Not only is the environment of the restaurant absurdly cool, but the staff is extremely friendly -  you walk in, and the room is illuminated by purple lights accompanied by incredible music. The vibes are super fun, and it’s the perfect place to go if you want to enjoy a nice dinner in an electric environment (but don’t worry, it’s not one of those annoying places where you have to scream across the table). My recommendation is to get the Sleeping Venus Roll - absolutely incredible. Little secret: if you go and say that Tiktok brought you there, they’ll send you a free order of dumplings.

#2. The Garden Room + Dr. Sara Botto

The next teacher that I am going to recommend is Dr. Sara Botto. Dr. Botto is hands down one of my absolute favorite professors at Emory. She started off as a Teacher’s Assistant, and is now a full time faculty member in the Psychology Department. The restaurant that I think matches Dr. Botto is The Garden Room as she is so poised and elegant, yet also loads of fun. The Garden Room has been all over my Instagram feed and although I have never been there myself, my wonderful Editorial Director has, so I asked her to give her opinion on the majestic restaurant from her very highly respected perspective:

“The Garden Room, Atlanta’s most ethereal restaurant, will make you feel like you’re a literal Disney princess - and will also get you nice and drunk. Located beside the bougie St. Regis Hotel, this restaurant features a greenhouse interior, complete with lush trees and flowers galore. Sip on one of their specialty cocktails complete with garnishes from mint springs to edible flowers to mini rubber ducks, nibble on their avocado salad or black truffle pasta, and live your best life.”

- Jane Parven

Sounds lit if you ask me.

#3. Iberian Pig + Dr. Erwin Rosinberg

Last but not least, Dr. Erwin Rosinberg from the English department teaches Poetry, and is one of the most insightful professors I have had at Emory. When I first started taking his class, I was tremendously intimidated as English teachers tend to think highly of themselves in my personal experience. But as the semester went by, I got to know Dr. Rosinberg and was proven wrong. Dr. Rosinberg genuinely places interest in his students by both admiring our opinions but also constantly pushing us to think deeper.

For some reason, the restaurant I think Dr. Rosinberg embodies is Iberian Pig - hear me out. Dr. Rosinberg at first seems like he is going to be very serious and strict, but when you get to know him you realize what a friendly and entertaining human he is….just like Iberian Pig. When I first went to Iberian Pig, I thought it was going to be an incredibly fancy restaurant, due to the 500 wine glasses I saw being drunk and the low lighting. However, as soon as we sat down and ordered drinks and tapas, I knew I would keep coming back here. If you want a semi-casual place to go with friends where you can still feel an environment of fine dining, Iberian Pig is the right place for you - and bonus, it’s only a 10 minute drive from campus. Tapas tend to be small portions so I usually order a lot when I go, but my top 3 recommendations are the pork cheek tacos, the “coca con seta” (ask for the gluten free crust though - it’s better IMO), and the patatas bravas. Pair these with either a sangria or a glass of white wine, and Iberian Pig will become your newest go-to restaurant like it is for me.

Emory has an incredible team of faculty, and I could go on for days recommending teachers - so if you’ve been my teacher and weren’t mentioned, please do not hate me. As I approach my final year here, the biggest piece of advice I can give is to embrace the city that we live in. Atlanta is an exciting, fun, young city that I feel we often take for granted - and before you know it, you’ll be in a cap and gown wishing you would’ve left your room and explored new places. Finals can be an extremely stressful time, but remember to give yourself a break and clear your head space. Try one of these amazing restaurants, register for these professors for the fall, and push through the final stretch!