Every campus has that special “spot”. It’s the place where you can show up at 2 am and still run into friends. The workers know you by name and you don’t even have to look at the menu to slur your order after a long night of partying. You go there every time you have a couple of drinks, and now that spring is in full swing, you’ve been drinking a little more than you’d like to admit.

This time of year, colleges are boasting as much spirit as ever. These are the days of post-spring break, pre-summer drinking; also known as dayger season. Students everywhere forget about their studies in lieu of a good daytime party. So for all the Pac-12 college kids out there with drunchies at 2pm, here is the best drunk food near each of your Pac-12 campuses.

UC Los Angeles: Fat Sal's

Known for its massive sandwiches, Fat Sal's is the perfect snack for those who haven't eaten in four days (or four drinks). 

University of Southern California: El Huero ("Chanos")

This Mexican-style hole in the wall may not have much ambiance, but it's the addictively authentic cuisine that keeps students coming back for more. 

Stanford University: The Axe and Palm (TAP)

Unlike the other hotspots on this list, Stanford students' go-to is located right on their beautiful campus and still boasts a mouth-watering menu.

UC Berkeley: Artichoke Basille's Pizza

Berkeley's must-try is a restaurant some students say is the "best pizza of all time". Stop here for a cheesy slice the size of your head!

Washington State University: Valhalla Bar & Grill

Serving classic American staples until the early hours of the morning, what more could one want in drunk food?

University of Washington: Earl's on the Avenue (part of Paul's Kitchen)

This drunk stop and local treasure offers up deliciously greasy bar food and drinks so cheap you'll do a double-take. It's a college student's paradise!

University of Oregon: Dough Co

A calzone and cookie shop so local that there aren't even pictures of the food online. Legend has it that they have some of the best cookies in the country.

Oregon State University: Block 15 Restaurant and Brewery

An Oregon State student favorite, Block 15 is known for its classic American fare and delicious drunk food. 

CU Boulder: Bova's

Tip from an insider: Ask for the "Brandon" (pictured above) on the secret menu. This creation apparently consists of a grilled cheese with chicken tenders, mozzarella sticks, sriracha and mayo.

University of Utah: The Pie Pizzeria

This pizzeria offers a lot more than your classic cheese slice. Topping "best pizza" lists across the board, it's no wonder that students deem this their favorite late night joint. 

Arizona State University: Fuzzy's Taco Shop

With drinks for the pregame and food for the postgame, this taco spot is great for more than just second semester.  

University of Arizona: Illegal Pete's 

This "Chipotle-on-steroids" local chain features a wide array of ordering options and even doubles as a bar upstairs!

So go ahead and check these places out if you're a student, a graduate, a grandma or a kid. You can go drunk or you can go sober. No matter what, you're bound to love the food.