The bars are calling your name, but like usual you only have $23.87 in your bank account. And it doesn't help that your friends seem to be so #lit uptown. So, do you go out and risk the overdraft charges and angry texts from your mom? Or do you sit in your room like a hermit and live vicariously through your friends' Snapchat stories?

Luckily, I'm here to tell you that you can spend so little and still have so much fun that you're shocked by your own Snap story the morning after! So let this be your all-inclusive guide to all of the best deals at the bars of Athens, every night of the week. You are so welcome! 

Sunday Funday

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Sundays are for relaxing, and of course, watching football. The best place to do that is, of course, at the bars. The atmosphere is filled with zero responsibilities, and you can forget that tomorrow is the worst day of the week.

If you're looking for Sunday deals, try Red Brick's all day Brick Break, featuring dollar well drinks and domestic beers. The CI also has an all-day happy hour, Crystal has five-dollar Blue Moon pitchers and Stephen's has half-time shot specials for the big game.

Mojito Monday

Your Monday grind is finally over! You've gotten through the day, and that in itself is honestly heroic. You deserve to treat yo' self to a low-priced adult beverage at an establishment that serves such things. 

Try these deals after the longest Monday of your life: Red Brick's Brick Break from 6-9 p.m. (dollar well drinks, dollar domestics), The Pub's $1.50 domestic pints (plus plenty of bomb ass food), Lucky's Mega Club Mondays (two-dollar beers), The CI's domestic night. And don't forget about the $1.50 vodka well drinks at The Over Hang and Mojito Monday at The Pig Skin.

Tequila Tuesday

We all know that Tuesdays are Monday's hangovers. They're just as bad, if not worse than their predecessor, and there're only two ways to cope: alcohol or a nap. If you chose the former, and you're broke, here are the deals for you.

Tuesdays feature more: Brick Break, four-dollar pitchers at Lucky's, Tequila Tuesday's at Broney's, and two-dollar domestics and well drinks at J Bar. To add to that, you can get a four-dollar Long Island at Crystal, and at The Over Hang you can get a dollar well tequila shot and two-dollar Beers of Mexico. To top things off, grab a two-dollar margarita from Courtside.


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It's finally Wednesday and I bet you thought it would take forever to get here, but thankfully you were wrong. Since we refer to today as Hump Day, there is only one appropriate way to celebrate — and that's by going out. Even if you're a broke college student, you can still successfully become #TurntUp if you do a little research. 

Wednesdays always go well with that 50-cent-per-slice at Courtside's Slice Night. And we all know there's no way you're going to have fun on Hump Day on an empty stomach, so PIG OUT! Just get in line for the pizza quick because the deal only lasts until 9 p.m. 

Once you've devoured your slices, head over to Lucky's or Paw Purrs for five-dollar Liquor Pitchers. But don't miss out on $1.50 Whiskey Wednesday's at The Over Hang, or the two-dollar well whiskey deal at J Bar. Finally, head over to The Crystal for four-dollar strawberry daiquiris or The CI for some $1.50 shooters. 

Thirsty Thursday

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It's almost Friday and you're #blesst, you've looked forward to this night the whole week. Thursday nights are honestly the only thing that kept you going during those painful hours of studying!

Be sure to celebrate your pre-Friday with these good deals: J Bar's Quad Night (two liquor for the price of one), The Over Hang's two-dollar, mini-brain stompers and The CI's three-dollar vodka Red Bulls. You can also get a four-dollar pitcher at Lucky's and three-dollar crack of Jamison between 4 and 9 p.m. And as your Thirsty Thursday comes to an end, stop at The Pub for a $2.50 Vegas Bomb.


TGIF, it's the blessed day! You've been anticipating this night, and Court Street is here to be your playground. It's your job to go big or go home!

The best way to start Friday on a budget is always at the wonderful Brick Break. After that, head to Stephen's for $2.50, 22-ounce drafts, and Crystal for four-dollar Crystal Balls. Finally, finish your night right with a three-dollar F-Bomb at The Over Hang.


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Who doesn't like Saturdays? The correct answer to this is lame people, JSYK.

Wake up late and grab breakfast at Union Street Diner, because brunch will always be bae. After you digest your food (and pretend to study), head on out because the deals can't stop... and won't stop! 

The CI starts their happy 'hour' at 2 p.m. and it goes until 8 p.m., and at The Crystal does this from 4 to 8 p.m. After that, enjoy a three-dollar Jamo and Rumple at J Bar, and dollar-mixed shots until 9 pm. at The Pub.

Now that you've had a good week, it's time for you to do it all over again. Just scroll on up to the top and repeat. Go Bobcats!