Looking for a gift to send to your out of state friend? Many college students have close friends that are attending school in a different state and it can sometimes be hard to find that perfect gift or fun thing to send to them. While there are a lot of yummy online treats to send to your out of state bff, a lot of them charge $30+ just for shipping, which is a lot considering a college student's budget. Here is a list of the most cost-efficient dessert gifts to send to your out of state friends.

1. Fatty Sundays

Fatty Sundays was created in 2010 by two sisters who loved their mom's chocolate covered pretzels. Now, they put a modern twist on the everyday chocolate covered pretzel by creating flavors like birthday cake, peanut butter, sea salt almond, toffee and many more. Their "Happy B-Day Box" has 20 pretzels with four delicious different flavors at a pretty affordable price of  $29.95 with low-cost shipping from Brooklyn, NY. 

2. Treat House

Treat House specializes in fun-sized and flavored rice crispy treats. You can choose from a variety of specialty packs or create a custom rice crispy treat with your own image. Treat House also has holiday-themed packs that will put a fun and delicious touch on any holiday party. A 12-pack goes for $29 and shipping is around $10, depending on the location. 

3. Baked By Melissa

These bright and yummy bite-sized cupcakes can be found online or in store from Baked By Melissa. They have some classic cupcake flavors such as red velvet and chocolate, but put their own twist on desserts and breakfast items such as cereals and pancakes, and turn them into cupcakes. They also sell bite-sized macarons and gluten-free cupcakes. You can send your bff a pack of 25 of these fun cupcakes for $25!

4. Milk Bar

Although known for their cereal milk ice cream in NYC, Milk Bar has delicious bday truffles, cakes, pies, and cookies that you can purchase online. Their bday truffles come in a box of 12 and are $25. The bday cakes are a little pricier at $50.50, but can feed 8-10 people. Shipping is around $15 for these treats.  

5. Jars By Dani

For a smaller, but still delicious treat, Jars By Dani is a perfect substitute for traditional cake. They have fun flavors like fudge brownie, cake batter, cookie dough and many more. The large jars are $10 each and smaller jars are $6.25 each and come in packs of 3, 6 or 12. Shipping varies by location. 

6. Shari's Berries

Want to send your friend homemade chocolate covered strawberries but can't because you live in another state? Shari's Berries has you covered. Like the name says, they have berries galore. You can get gourmet chocolate covered strawberries, cherries, cheesecake, brownies, and truffles. They have a dozen chocolate covered strawberries for $24.99 and shipping varies by state. 

7. Sugarfina

Candy that *almost* looks too pretty to eat! You can create your very own candy bento box for $26. Choose from non-traditional candies like champagne bears, peach bellini, apple pie, and ice cream cone. Shipping is $10.95 dependent on how many candies you order. Sugarfina is a beautiful and delicious gift to send for any occasion.

8. Schmackery's

Everyone loves a good cookie and Schmakery's will send a dozen to your friend for $25. They have your usual cookie flavors like chocolate chip and sugar cookie and unique flavors like maple bacon, the hangover, and peanut butter patty.  

While there are many online dessert shops to choose from, these are the most affordable for those on a budget. Another option is to order your friend something from a mainstream delivery service such as Grubhub, Seamless, or UberEats and have it delivered the same day. These dessert gifts will totally make your friend's day a little bit sweeter.