Forget about the cookie jar. A new cookie mobile is rolling past a location near you, and they're selling the best cookies in NYC. Chip City, a cookie shop based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, is serving cookies by the truckload. When the pickup location is dropped in their Instagram story, it's time to run.  

With many shops shut down due to the pandemic, Chip City has found a creative way to remain open, keeping their customers well-stocked with their well-crafted confections. 

When I saw that the "Cookie Mobile" was coming to Manhattan, I made sure to set my alarms and walk the mile to get my hands on these cookies. The workers on the "cookie mobile" wore masks the whole time and were gloved as they handled the cookies for customers. While I was able to get some much needed human interaction from this experience, I felt that it was executed safely and effectively and service was speedy, sanitary and efficient.

Now let's check out the cookies!  

Cinnamon Roll Cookie

Sydney Barish

Chip City recently came out with their cinnamon roll cookie, which is a cinnamon swirl cookie topped with a dollop of sweet cream cheese frosting. While the supply of these cookies was limited, I proudly walked away with one in my cardboard box sealed with their store logo stickers.

If cinnamon roll cookies are not your thing, do not let that make your cookie-loving heart crumble. Other flavors aboard the "Cookie Mobile" were butterscotch toffee, peanut butter chocolate, and funfetti. 

Peanut Butter Chocolate Cookie

Sydney Barish

Unfortunately, I could not sample every flavor as there was a cap on how many cookies each customer could purchase. Pictured above is the peanut butter chocolate cookie which was a decadent chocolate cookie with peanut butter chunks distributed throughout. The peanut butter chunks had a fudge-like chew to them which helped cut the richness of the dark chocolate cookie base. 

Funfetti Cookie

Sydney Barish

Finally, if you're ever having a crummy day, know that Chip City's funfetti cookie will surely lighten the mood. This sugar cookie filled with rainbow sprinkles will not fail to make you smile.

I urge you, do not walk, run, to the "Cookie Mobile" should it ever cross your path. There's no mistaking it - these confections are a batch made in heaven. Just a bite of one of these cookies will make all of your cookie dreams crumb true! These are the best cookies in NYC, and they leave no crumbs behind.

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