While grabbing dinner with friends off campus or treating yourself to a new snack can be fun, it's easy to see the price of those meals piling up. Eating out can be really expensive, especially when you're already paying for a meal plan. Fortunately, with a little bit of planning and the help of this article, those fun times with friends and food don't have to weigh down your credit card bill. At all of the restaurants and cafés below, you can find a full meal  for under $10. Read on to discover the best cheap food in Georgetown!

1. First Bake at Farmers Fishers Bakers

While the lunch and dinner options are a little on the pricier side, the breakfast menu known as First Bake is very budget-friendly. On weekdays from 8 to 10:30 AM, head down to the waterfront and pick up a hearty cinnamon roll ($2.50), a breakfast burrito ($2.99), or a freshly baked donut ($1) among other delicious options. Check out their full breakfast menu here

2. Falafel Inc

If you're in the mood for a quick lunch, dinner, or snack, be sure to head down to Falafel Inc. The shop recently added a rice bowl ($6) to their menu, but you can still pick up a falafel wrap or za'atar fries for only $4. If you're in need of a quick snack, their 6-packs of falafel ($3) make an easy bite. 

3. Levain Bakery

While you may have tried or at least heard of Levain's popular cookies (which are honestly huge enough to fill you up as much as a full meal), the bakery also features other items that might have passed under your radar. Try the Baguette with Butter and Jam ($2.75) for a simple and rich breakfast, lunch, or mid-morning snack. 

4. Curry 'N Pie

Your friend is craving pizza, but you're really in the mood for some Indian food. Luckily, Curry 'N Pie has the solution to your dilemma. While their Indian dishes are undoubtedly delicious, they also serve arguably some of the best pizza in Georgetown. Their appetizer portions are big. Pick up a French Fry Chaat ($9), a Curry Pie ($13), and two Mango Lassis ($5) and satisfy both you and your friend's cravings. Check out their full menu here.

5. Saxby's

Eva Andersen

While Saxby's is a popular spot for a quick coffee near campus, the secret star of the menu is their grilled cheese. Pick up a perfectly melted, utterly gooey three-cheese sandwich ($4.99), slathered with a garlicky-mayo for a satisfying and cheap lunch. If a plain grilled cheese is too boring for your palate, their menu features more elaborate cheesy concoctions, including a Buffalo Chicken Grilled Cheese ($6.99), a Mac & Cheese Grilled Cheese ($6.99), and a Green Grilled Cheese ($6.19). If grilled cheese isn't quite up your alley or you're one of our lactose intolerant friends, they also serve other breakfast and lunch options, such as a Sriracha-Chive Avocado Toast ($5), Peanut Butter and Banana Toast ($3.75), or Breakfast Burrito ($5.49).