We have finally reached summer, but with a pandemic still going around, everyone is waiting for the next unpredictable thing to happen. Instead of waiting for complete turmoil, we need a pint of Ben & Jerry's to give us the summer vibes that we are missing this year. Here are the best Ben & Jerry's flavors according to Spoon UCLA: 

1. Half Baked 

Stephanie Su, our current Director of Affairs, says Half Baked is her favorite Ben & Jerry's flavor because it has the perfect mix of brownies and cookie dough:

"Who doesn't love both?"This ice cream has everything you want if you are craving something sweet!"

One of our members Grace Danon also adores the delicious cookie/ brownie/ ice cream combo. 

Su and Danon are not the only lovers of Half Baked. I was introduced to the flavor in December 2019 and I can not stop raving about it. Even after trying all the Ben & Jerry's flavors that I could find in the grocery store this year, I always came back to my one true love, Half Baked. 

2. Chunky Monkey

Siri Potluri

Did you know that you can COOL down with banana bread? This ice cream flavor tastes exactly like banana bread, but it's perfect for the summer time. One of our Marketing Directors Maddy Song loves this flavor:

"It's not too sweet and I love the mix of the natural banana flavor and dark chocolate chunks." 

3. Caramel Almond Brittle

Siri Potluri

For all the vegans who have not found that one ice cream flavor that really speaks to them, look no further. One of our members Zanasia Graham says:

"This is my ultimate go-to non-dairy ice cream from Ben & Jerry's. The brittle's crunchiness and the gooeyness of the caramel swirl match really well together and I'm so glad I found this delicious flavor!"

4. Peanut Butter Fudge Core

Siri Potluri

Olivia Davidson, our Creative Director, swears by this flavor:

"This one is amazing! The inside core tastes like brownie batter fudge and the mini peanut butter cups give such a nice bite of peanut butter flavor. There is no better combo than peanut butter and chocolate!"

5. Cherry Garcia 

Siri Potluri

This flavor not only has the best mix-ins according to Karlina Ho, another one of our Marketing Directors, but the story of Cherry Garcia makes the flavor even better, especially for the Grateful Dead fans. 

The flavor celebrates Jerry Garcia, the lead guitarist of the Grateful Dead. Garcia himself gave the flavor the thumbs up, and it quickly became one of the most popular flavors in 1987:

Jerry Garcia’s music brings happiness into our lives, and Cherry Garcia holds its spot as one of the greatest ice cream flavors around.

6. Mint Chocolate Cookie

This classic flavor is another one of Ho's favorites and is a step up from your ordinary mint chocolate chip ice cream. It is infused with "pepperminty excellence" and packed with chunks of chocolate sandwich cookies. 

The biggest pet peeve that turns people away from ice cream with cookies is that instead of chunks, there is cookie dust. Mint Chocolate Cookie does not make this mistakes as the fans cannot get over how many and how big the cookie chunks are. 

7. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough 

Siri Potluri

Ben & Jerry's started the cookie dough in ice cream trend in 1984. Today, over 1.6 million pints of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream are sold every year. It may be because Ben & Jerry's packs more cookie dough into their pints than other brands.

Our president Anusha Goyal loves this classic flavor:

"Chocolate chip cookie dough is such a hit for me. I don't think it's too sweet yet it's so satisfying. There is no denying Ben & Jerry's ability to make amazing ice cream and this flavor hits the spot for me." 

8. Justice Remix'd

Amy Okada

Amy Okada, a graduated Spoon member, found this new Ben & Jerry's flavor. The mix-ins have all the elements of Ben & Jerry's ice cream: the crunch, the kick, and the swirl of flavors. Yet, what makes this flavor even stronger is its support for the Black Lives Matter movement:

So we’re speaking out in the best way we know of — with a euphoric ice cream flavor — for an end to structural racism in our broken criminal legal system.

Ben & Jerry's launched Justice ReMix’d in partnership with The Advancement Project National Office, a multi-racial civil rights organization that works with local grassroots organizers on racial justice issues. This flavor not only serves justice to quench your sweet tooth, but it also supports justice for black lives. 

9. Phish Food

Whatever I have to say does not express the immense passion for this flavor than what others have to say:

"Phish Food has all the "bells & whistles" that will please any ice cream choco-holic!!!"

"I cannot speak more highly of this flavor: the sweet and soft marshmallow swirls, offset by the mildly bitter and crunchy fudge fish, tied together with caramel is wonderful."

This flavor is the perfect place to begin your obsession for Ben & Jerry's and understand the beauty of their ice cream. Since 1997, Phish Food not only has the perfect balance of taste and texture but also supports environmental efforts in Vermont's Lake Champlain Watershed.

10. The Tonight Dough 

The Tonight Dough is another favorite of Spoon UCLA and has been one of the most popular flavors since 2015.

The flavor had to be the right combination that makes sense for Jimmy and his new gig: a double-double flavor with two ice creams, two cookie doughs and a crunchy cookie swirl. It is no surprise that the flavor became just as popular as Jimmy!

Ben & Jerry's does not stop creating great flavors with important missions and the Tonight Dough is no exception. Jimmy Fallon said, “I’m not overhyping, I’m not overselling – we’ve made the best ice cream ever created,” as it benefits SeriousFun Children’s Network, which creates opportunities for children with serious illnesses to reach beyond illness and discover joy, confidence, and a new world of possibilities– all at no cost to families.

One thing we cannot deny about Ben & Jerry's is that each pint has the perfect ratio of ice cream to mix-ins. They never fail to make the most creative and delicious combinations, packed into a pint, found in our grocery stores. This ice cream will be your new best friend because it is literally always there for you.