As a college student, it's often difficult to find time to hit the dining hall before classes start. Bars serve as a quick snack that will keep you full and maintain your energy until your next meal. I have always relied on bars when inconvenient hunger strikes, and I believe that I have discovered the best bars to eat on the go. 

Clif Bars

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Emma Brant

If you are rushing to a morning class and don't have enough time for breakfast, I suggest munching on a Clif Bar. These energy bars are filled with loads of protein that will keep you full and motivated for whatever obstacles your day throws at you. My personal favorite flavors include chocolate brownie, peanut toffee buzz, chocolate hazelnut butter filled, and chocolate peanut butter filled (if you haven't noticed the trend, I am absolutely obsessed with both chocolate and peanut butter!).

Luna Bars

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Aoife Leogue

Another branch of the Clif Bar franchise, Luna Bars, have been providing me with delicious and easy breakfasts to grab on my way out the door since middle school. Through the years, I have tested many different flavors that the brand has to offer and have narrowed my top choices down to these: lemonzest, chocolate peppermint stick, caramel walnut brownie, chocolate cupcake, and blueberry bliss.


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Isabel Burton

Lärabars, a new addition to my life, are gluten free energy bars  made out of unsweetened fruits, nuts, and spices. Each bar is made with less than nine whole food ingredients which are all  basically unprocessed and as close to their natural state as can be. These bars are the perfect snack that will cure any craving because of their vast flavor selection. Although I have yet to try all of them, so far, I think that the tastiest flavors are apple pie, banana chocolate chip, peanut butter chocolate chip, and blueberry muffin. So yummy!

Kind Bars

Anvita Reddy

Kind Bars came into my life a few years ago and have remained an essential part ever since. These bars don't necessarily fill me up, but when I need a little something to eat or a boost of energy I can rely on these. The original Kind Bars consist of nuts, oats, dried fruits, etc., and occasionally drizzled chocolate or caramel. Out of all of the flavors, my all time favorite is dark chocolate cherry cashew, but I also really enjoy peanut butter dark chocolate and blueberry vanilla and cashew. I also like their healthy grain bars, but I absolutely adore their pressed bars. Although I haven't tried them all, my flavors of choice are strawberry apple chia and pineapple coconut chia. 

I know that I can trust all of these bars to keep me going  throughout my day and curve my hunger when I have work to accomplish. These are definitely the best bars to eat on the go and I highly recommend that you go out and try them for yourself!

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