Social media sites like Instagram are full of images of delicious, carb-filled food. Food porn might even be the best part of Instagram, but how can you balance it with workout inspiration?

Pick your favourite exercise below and we'll tell you which Instagram account to follow for tips and inspiring pics.

If you cycle for the soul: @louisegreen_bigfitgirl

If biking is your favourite activity, check out Louise Green. This self-described "big fit girl" is a trainer and athlete who shares uplifting messages and pictures on her feed. She participates in many biking marathons as well as boxing and running, all while taking down fat-shamers in the fitness community.

If you belong underwater: @m_phelps00

A photo posted by Michael Phelps (@m_phelps00) on

After the Rio Olympics this summer, we can all agree that no swimmer is more inspiring than Michael Phelps. Even though he has retired after winning 28 Olympic medals over his career, Phelps continues to post pool pics alongside adorable photos of his baby son and incredible wife.

If you want that booty: @tammyhembrow

Tammy Hembrow has been my personal fitness inspiration ever since I saw some of her workout videos on Instagram. She sells her booty-building program on her website, but her Instagram and Youtube accounts have plenty of pointers too. Apart from fitness, her feed also includes pictures of her two darling children and the daring fashion choices she makes daily.

If you run from your problems: @oiselle

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It may be a clothing brand, but Oiselle is the place to find diverse, uplifting pictures of runners representing the clothing line. Runners will appreciate their realistic hashtag #notathleisure. Their clothes are meant to get sweaty, that's for sure.

If you're an aspiring yogi: @beachyogagirl

A photo posted by Kerri Verna (@beachyogagirl) on

When you do yoga, you're supposed to imagine yourself on a calm beach—Instagram user Kerri Verna takes it to the next level by doing yoga on the beach (and in her studio, and underwater). Her posts are a mix of uplifting quotes and photos of her in impossible contortions. Her dog also shows up occasionally, so it's worth a follow just for that.

If you even lift, bro: @therock

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Is anyone else as worthy as The Rock to be under this headline? Dwayne Johnson's body is inspiration within itself, but his feed features videos of his intense workouts too. Even though he's using his feed to promote Moana more than anything right now, seeing his name on your phone might be all it takes to scare you into working out.

If CrossFit is your life: @krystalcantu

CrossFit may seem like a daunting form of exercise, but it's a dynamic workout that anyone can do—including Krystal Cantu, a trainer living in Texas. Despite losing her arm in 2013, Krystal returned to training only a month after her accident and now inspires her thousands of followers daily.

If you're always dancing: @mistyonpointe

If you're a serious dancer, you probably already follow Misty Copeland on Instagram. Misty is a principal dancer with the American Ballet Theatre, and her feed is filled with the impressive leaps and twirls that Copeland pulls off daily. If you want an amazing dancer to look up to, Misty is your girl.

I guarantee that if you follow any of these Instagram accounts, you'll be itching to get active every time you see their pictures on your feed. If you follow all of them, though, you might never get any rest.