Portsmouth is packed with so many local cafes and restaurants, many that make their own cakes from scratch. What’s even better is that most of them are in close distance to the city centre, making afternoon tea accessible for all students going to university in Portsmouth!

I personally am a girl who loves her tea in the afternoon, especially after a long day of classes and rehearsals, and these are my top 7 places to have tea in Portsmouth.

Disclaimer: if you’re not a huge fan of tea, just go for coffee and/or cake!

Harbour Coffee House

Located on Commercial Road, right in the city centre, Harbour Coffee House is a cozy cafe dimly lit with fairy lights and comfy seats. They have an array of teas and coffees, and make all their cakes and cookies from scratch. If you’re feeling a little hungrier, they also serve lovely toasties, perfect for the cold weather we’ve been having lately.


Aurora is situated on Albert Road, right after King’s Theatre, which means you can have afternoon tea right before seeing a musical- or lunch after a matinee. This cafe has a nautical feel about it, from the wood on the floor to the pictures of ships on the walls- and they don’t just do tea, but coffee, milkshakes and a whole breakfast and lunch menu. Not to mention they have different cakes, brownies and cookies available in store every day.

Bonus: They even do student discounts when you show them your student card!

All About Tea

All About Tea is a hidden gem in the city- a spacious cafe on Middle Street, it specializes in tea and sells over 50 different types of tea- from green to black, with many different flavours. There really is a cup for everyone. Plus: they use the cutest teacups and saucers, and even sell their tea in packets so you can take it home with you. Definitely a great place to take your friends and family.

Parade Tea Rooms

Parade Tea Rooms not only has the largest display of cakes I think I’ve ever seen, but also a beautiful view of Clarence Pier, making it the perfect place to have afternoon tea. As well as their selection of cakes they also offer scones, as well as a full lunch menu- so you can go there any time of day. You could even go for tea right after a walk by the pier- a great way to spend your Saturday.

Sweet Cakes by Barnesy

This cafe has the most creative cakes and cupcakes, because it doubles as a bakery for special occasion cakes. So if you really likes what you had, keep them in mind for birthdays, weddings or any other celebration you might have. In this cafe, you can have an adorable themed cupcake with a cup of tea. And the best part is it’s located in the middle of Southsea Shopping centre, so you won’t even have to go too far to get a good cup of tea.

Pie and Vinyl

Also in Southsea, Pie and Vinyl is the perfect place for anyone who likes records, pie and tea. They’re best known for their selection of pies, which include vegan and vegetarian options, so there’s something for everyone- but they serve many different kinds of tea and sweet treats. As well as this, they have a section of the cafe which sells records, tote bags and other merch. If you collect vinyl, this is the place to go.

Bread Addiction

Located on Elm Grove, this cafe specializes in bread making. They make their own pastries and croissants, and sell their breads to take home, as well as making sandwiches in store. This cafe is perfect if you fancy a pain au chocolat and a cup of tea, or a very classy french pastry.

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Rebecca Buechler