Imagine this; it's the weekend, and you want to blow off some steam. However, this weekend's somewhat special for you in the finances department, as in you're lacking in it more than usual, and you're not sure what to do. You've already told yourself that brunch is out of the question, but all of your friends are drinking, and you'd kill to join in on the fun. So, what do you do? You conduct a Google search and find out that Elysian Brewing has got your back when nobody else does. 

What's the deal with Elysian Brewing?

As a Seattle based beer company, Elysian Brewing has just blessed the whole wide world with the most beautiful beer tail which utilizes the company's two most popular beers, which happen to be their Space Dust IPA and their Superfuzz Pale Ale.

The nice thing about the Fuzzduster is that it's just as easy as it is to consume. In order to make and enjoy said Fuzzduster, all you have to do is pour half a glass of Space Dust and half a glass of Superfuzz with one another and there you go; you have one Fuzzduster for you, yourself, and you. Unlike the vast majority of drinks that are out on the market, you don't need to shake and stir the Fuzzduster in order for it to be made, which in a sense is nice not only because the extra steps are completely unnecessary, but because it means that you're able to start drinking sooner than later, which for the vast majority of us, is a good thing to experience. 

Wait a second. What do I need to know about the two beers involved in said Fuzzduster?

As mentioned above, there are two different beers that are involved in the making of the Fuzzduster. Their names are Space Dust IPA and Superfuzz Pale Ale. While they're both somewhat similar in name, they're not that similar when it comes to the actual beer. On that note, here's what you need to know about both beers. 

Suspect number one: Space Dust IPA

It's a light to medium bodied India Pale Ale with an ABV of 8.2% and an IBU of 73. Tasting notes include Chinook, Citra and Amarillo. The beer itself is available for purchase year round in the form of 22 ounce bottles, six packs, and 1/2 Bbl kegs. 

Suspect number two: Superfuzz Pale Ale

It's a medium bodied "Blood Orange Pale Ale" with an ABV of 6.4% and an IBU of 45. Tasting notes include orange, Northwest hops, Orange Peel, and Blood Orange. The beer itself is available for purchase year round in the form of 12 ounce cans, six packs, and 12 ounce bottles. Additionally, this beer is also available on draft. 

While the Fuzzduster might not be everyone's cup of tea (or in this case, pint of beer), it's certainly not something to pass up when it comes around in the beer department. Before you purchase the two beers, please keep in mind that you're not going to get super super drunk off of this drink. Otherwise, just have fun and on't forget to be safe out there, wherever you are.