If you're anything like me and have somewhat of a basic knowledge of different tequila brands that are out on the market, then there's a high chance that you've heard of Don Julio. If you're not like me and don't even know what tequila is, it's an agave-based spirit that's meant to be sipped and not chugged. Regardless of your tequila knowledge, most of us have heard of marketing campaigns, and Don Julio just blessed the world with their newest marketing campaign since 2013. Here what you should know about it. 

TL;DR: the cold, hard facts

What's happening here? A marketing campaign is, actually.

By who? Don Julio Tequila; that's who.

Does their marketing campaign have a name to it? Yes, and it's aptly titled "For Those Who Know."

What is this exactly? In short, "For Those Who Know" is a marketing campaign that pokes fun at the notion that there are some people in life that truly understand and can regurgitate the true meaning of life and treasure those few and far between moments spent with real friends (this doesn't include your fake friends; be careful as to who you call real) and real family members (this doesn't include everyone just because they share blood with you) regardless of their location. This is to ensure that the moments that are spent with those that they care about are genuine, and this doesn't stop at the tequila that they consume. 

In short, "For Those Who Know" knows that there's only one go-to tequila that's also Number One in Mexico aka Don Julio, and that there's nothing more genuine than that. Get it? Genuine tequila for those genuine moments in life? Ahhhhhhh, good one. 

What else is there to know about the campaign?

The campaign utilizes extremely vibrant designs and colors to help emphasize Mexican culture within the United States via five custom murals that have been curated by Mexican artist, Claudio Limon.

The murals started popping up throughout the country in Houston's Gerardo's Drive-In on February 22nd, 2019 in honor of National Margarita Day. With each mural accompanies a celebration that involves authentic Mexican food (aka not synonymous with Taco Bell) and specialty cocktails (aka not necessarily with margaritas). The specialty cocktails have been curated by Mexico-City based mixologist Mica Rosseau, who utilizes Tequila Don Julio along with Mexican ingredients to compliment the food that's served at each eatery in which the murals are located. On that note, mural locations include Miami, Florida, Los Angeles, California New York, New York, and Chicago, Illinois. 

While I'm not condoning or suggesting that you should go out and drink either underage and or until your liver dries out, I do suggest that you go check out the murals in the cities mentioned above and that you do indulge in the food at least. Indulge in a Don Julio or speciality drink while you're at it.