For all of you 90s girls (and boys) out there who were head over heels for Nick Carter, the Backstreet Boys are back to fill the void in your heart where their music once was. Only this time, instead of helping you get through the 90s, the band wants to help you get lit.

Now that you're (probably) over 21 years old, you can legally enjoy your favorite pre-game drinks to the tune of "I Want It That Way" without any internal shame (but, I mean, who doesn't already do that?). That's right, you can stop waiting for N*SYNC to reunite because BSB is back and they plan to start their own line of tequila. If you're not screaming in excitement yet, get ready to because everything you've ever wanted (except that N*SYNC reunion thing) is happening.

Their "Larger Than Life" News

The Backstreet Boys have decided to launch their very own tequila line, as announced during a two-show stint at Moon Palace in Cancun. Kevin Richardson discussed with Tasting Table his preferences on aging (of alcohol, not his 46-year-old self), explaining how he prefers a "good reposado or Anejo.” For those who don't know every type of tequila, Reposado is a type of tequila that ages for two to 12 months, while Anejo is aged for well over a year. 

This response lead fellow band member Nick Carter to chime in, telling the food site that they "just need to find a partner here in Mexico." But, once they find a partnership, you can expect to find BSB tequila hitting the shelves of your local Total Wine. 

BSB Joins Other Celebrities in the Tequila Venture

BSB will be joining Justin Timberlake, Adam Levine, and Carlos Santana in their tequila ventures. Most notably, however, is George Clooney's Casamigos brand, which was recently acquired by Diageo (the parent company that owns Smirnoff, Ciroc, and others) for a hot $1 billion, which proves the value of the tequila industry. 

I'm not sure about you, but I know I've been *screaming* with joy since I heard about this possible amazing mash-up. While it's unsure whether they will team up with a large-scale brand or a smaller brand, I'm betting their tequila will be sure to rock your body.