A few days ago, I went to a restaurant where I enjoyed a delicious piece of grilled chicken. It suddenly hit me as I was eating that this meal truly felt homemade; it tasted exactly like something I'd eat at home...in other words, super delicious. But then, I also realized that it looked absolutely incredible, and more attractive than any regular piece of grilled chicken. Why? It was in a bowl! This piece of food, which is usually served on a plate, was put together in a bowl..and it just made the meal taste that much better. This got me thinking about the bowl trend...could a bowl make simple food taste better?


Today, bowls have taken over culinary pop culture, inspiring beautiful creations around the world. Smoothie bowls, salad bowls, sushi bowls...you name it, it exists. Just think about it: how beautiful do colorful ingredients laying next to each other, with unique toppings playing around, and a sauce gently covering them, look? (I know, it sounds so appetizing, your stomach is probably roaring with hunger. Same.) I believe the beauty of all the food items put closely together in a bowl, displaying the array of different colors and textures all gathered up nicely in one place, is what makes us crave food in bowls.


Another thing I find great about bowls is that they already come in a “to-go” shape. This is an incredible tool for anybody who is in a hurry, for work or any other reason; it makes life way easier. It is an easy way to carry your food around, without it looking like a mess. Just mix up all of your ingredients, and bam, you have a meal. 

Go Healthy

Of course, not all bowls are healthy. It totally depends on what's inside! But they can definitely help you eat healthier. Think about it...you didn’t really crave fruit for breakfast as much as you did after the great açaí bowls came to life, right? For me, personally, it would be much more motivating to start eating right, if all my veggies were colorfully resting in a bowl. Anything that can get you to eat more fruits and veg is a winner in my book, and I totally think bowls make a great vehicle for them.

Brenda Lopez

Simply EASY

Is there a trick to making a meal in a bowl? No! I would say that anyone can get creative and make a bowl out of their meal, which I think is what's so great about it. It's an advantage if you’re in a budget, since eating out can get expensive. Just make a few things at home and dump them in a bowl, and I promise you'll feel ten times fancier than eating at a restaurant. It will even make it a little more special than usual, so you don’t get bored eating at home. Find some delicious recipes online, or make some of your own. 

So food in a plate, food in a bowl…it probably tastes the same, but would we rather it eat it from a bowl than a plate? I would say definitely, yes, we all want a little change once in a while. Fruit bowls with a little bit of honey, salad bowls with that special sauce you like, rice bowls with a variety of toppings...they all make our regular food ten times more fun. Additionally, every ingredient is up to you! You can make very affordable bowls or simple and quick ones, or even themed ones (Mexican bowl, anyone?). As long as you can get inspired and mix a whole lot of food in one creation, you can do it. And although there’s no science to it, I give props to anyone that gets to make food look beautiful.

The bowl is truly the artistic side of food.