When you think of food in Barcelona, you probably think of tapas or authentic Spanish food. However, after spending four months studying there, I quickly learned that Barcelona is like a European version of New York. Barcelona dessert has so much to offer, from cookie dough to Nutella calzones and everything in between. Here are the nine completely above-average dessert places I found in Barcelona.

1. Chök

Chök, aka "The Chocolate Kitchen," is basically heaven. This insane dessert spot has everything from cronuts (like the Oreo one above) to chocolate covered cookies on a stick. They even have mini vegan cakes which are so good that I had one without even realizing it was vegan.

2. Demasié

Demasié is known for their insane cinnamon rolls. They have every type of flavor you could imagine. Nutella, Oreo, kiwi lime, fresh mint, and the list goes on. Whatever you choose, you can't go wrong since they are all heavenly. 

3. Holly's Ice Cream

This is basically Barcelona's equivalent to Diddy Riese in LA. Choose from an insane amount of cookies and ice cream flavors to customize your ice cream sandwich. Not a cookie type of person? No worries, you can get your ice cream in a bubble waffle cone.

4. Mama Lina

While Mama Lina technically isn't a dessert place (it's a pizza place), they are known for their unreal Nutella calzones. It's definitely worth a visit, even if you're skipping on the pizza.


This place was dangerously close to my apartment, making it way too easy to go every day. It was hard not to because there's so much to choose from. They are always changing up the cookie dough flavors, but if that's too boring for you, you can get it scooped on top of a cookie or in a milkshake. Pro-tip: All cookie dough toppings are free.

6. Brunch & Cake

You probably have heard of Brunch & Cake as it's an insanely popular brunch spot for anyone studying abroad. People usually just go for the first part of the name and don't have the cake. However, if you're going to wait hours to get a table for brunch, which I am plenty guilty of, you can't leave without trying a piece of their cake.

7. Eyescream and Friends

This shaved ice cream comes to life with sugar eyes. The ordering process is kind of fun too. You pick two toppings to put in your creation and then pick a flavor of ice cream. You get to watch the person make your personalized shaved ice cream right in front of you.

8. Nitrogenie 

Nitrogenie isn't just any ice cream shop. They use liquid nitrogen to make this creamy goodness. This Barcelona dessert heaven is so much better than your average ice cream. Choose from a huge amount of flavors and watch magic happen before your eyes.

9. Bubo

This Barcelona dessert spot appears as more of an art form than food. Almost everything looks too pretty to eat as they take aesthetically pleasing food to a whole new level, from pastries to chocolates to cake.

Next time you find yourself in Barcelona, don't stop eating after dinner. Make sure you hit up at least a couple of these amazing dessert spots—you really can't go wrong wherever you end up.