If there’s one thing UCF is not lacking, it’s ice cream. There are endless options, and most of us have major trouble turning it down. From my experiences, an ice cream outing usually goes down like this:

1. Craving

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It’s a normal night. You’re most likely hanging out and watching a show, and one of your friends quietly says “Twistee?” You remember how you told yourself you’d be good with money and food this week. You also remember that in some cases, ice cream is necessary.

2. Execution

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Everyone in the group agrees that Twistee Treat is THE move because a) Jerimiah’s is closed or b) they just want a twirl.

3. Indecisiveness

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Every single time you arrive at that familiar ice cream shaped building, you’re overwhelmed with choices. You change your mind about six times before ordering the same thing you always get. The twistee employee is overwhelmed with orders, but you and your friends come up with a complicated plan where everyone manages to pay separately even though the window only allows two drive through orders.

4. Anticipation

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Your patience runs low as you watch the Twistee employees quickly put together everyone’s order, even though it usually only takes (at most) 90 seconds to get your ice cream.

5. Shock

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You’re handed your twirl and you swear you ordered a kiddie size, but that puppy is HUGE. There’s no possible way you’d ever be able to finish something that large.

6. Appreciation

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Appreciation can be shown in several different ways. Some people like to post a snapchat of their ice cream, labeling it with some kind of term of endearment. Others simply can’t wait, and eat their ice cream in under a minute like it’s the first thing they’ve eaten in months.

7. Surprise

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You have flashbacks of when the size of your ice cream was overwhelming, and realize you only have a couple of bites left.

8. Disbelief

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You’ve clearly finished your ice cream, but you’re still repeatedly scraping the sides of that styrofoam container, hoping to salvage more. You realize you low key wish you had ordered a bigger size.

9. Regret

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You think about #springbreak and #summerbod and label your choices as questionable. You promise yourself you wont be back for a while.

10. Satisfaction

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You realize there’s no point in regretting that ice cream, especially since it was like, really good. You feel a sense of accomplishment and accept the fact that you’ll be back soon.