Thanksgiving is arguably the biggest pig out day of the year but a few dishes always fall short of everyone’s list of Turkey Day faves. Well, we say no more, it’s time to stand up for the forgotten few.

It’s their time to shine, so we present to you the 8 most under appreciated thanksgiving foods.



Photo by Daisy Dolan

This is for all of my turkey haters out there (don’t throw rocks at me yet). Turkey can be one of the absolute worst things to eat if cooked improperly. I don’t know how many children have been saved from dry turkey by the deliciously succulent juicy that is a ham.

Green Beans


Photo by Gabby Phi

Between the insane amount of protein and starches being consumed, this poor guy always seems to get lost in the shuffle, but do you think you could survive Thanksgiving meal without the green escape provided by green beans? Probably not.

Dinner Rolls


Photo by Alina Polishuk

People seem to think that the only necessary “bread” at Thanksgiving lunch is stuffing, but come on. Can you really imagine not being able to mop up all that delicious gravy without that mountain of rolls your grandma made?

Sweet Potato Casserole


Photo by Lauren D’Amore

Everyone considers mashed potatoes the true starch king of Thanksgiving, but who doesn’t think combining a side with a dessert isn’t a great idea. Enter sweet potatoes. They are delicious and crazy sweet once baked with marshmallows, and give everyone a tease of dessert before they are allowed to take a crack at the pies.

The Other Sweet Potato Dish


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Think, candy as a side dish. The brown sugar, candied pecans on top are so sweet to match the potatoes and no Thanksgiving dinner should ever go without multiple preparations of basically every vegetable. Options people.

Cranberry Sauce


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You probably get this out of a can, but trust us, you should be making it from scratch. If for nothing else other than the amazing left-over sandwiches you’ll be making on Friday.

Corn Pudding


Photo by Meredith Simmons

Cheesy, buttery, creamy corn casserole is the perfect addition to Thanksgiving dinner. It’s a break from the green beans and typical potatoes for another sweet side dish.

Pecan Pie


Photo by Jessica Payne

When people think of Thanksgiving desserts, pumpkin pie is the first thing that comes to mind. Unfortunately, there is an equally delicious, sticky creation that gets passed up every single year. Unacceptable.

The amount of sugar in this pie is just about the only that can hold its own against the obnoxious amount of calories you just consumed, making it the perfect ending to any Turkey Day meal.