As much as I believe in putting natural things in my body, gum is where I let myself bend the rules a little bit. The internet says that it reduces stress, improves cognitive function, improves digestion, prevents tooth decay, and more. While the internet may not be the most reliable source, it's enough justification for me! If you're stuck on which brand you should spend the big bucks on, here are the best brands of gum, ranked from best to worst.

1.) Trident Layers

Trident Layers

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I had to separate Trident Layers from Trident because let's be honest, those layers really set these pieces of gum apart from the rest. Two flavors in one bite? Yes please. 

2.) Trident

Trident's flavors last the longest, period. No debate. Trident has this amazing bubbly texture that doesn't disintegrate in your mouth like some other brands. I don't spend my money on gum just to have to get a new piece after ten minutes! Trident is a classic.

3.) 5

Wrigley’s 5 Gum

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Five gum takes the cake on the most creative names, and most creative flavors. While it might not last quite as long as Trident, you'll definitely be able to find a flavor to please your palate. 

4.) Extra

Gotta be honest, Extra's non-mint flavors are kind of trash. If you're looking for a lot of classic mint options however, Extra can do the job. Just make sure you rotate your mint flavors; eating the same one day in day out can get tiring. 

5.) Orbit

When you first pop a piece of orbit in your mouth, you might be convinced that Orbit is the brand for you. Their initial flavor is hard to beat. However, after about 15 minutes the flavor starts to fade, and the gum gets a little chalky. But hey, good things don't always last long.

6.) Stride

Stride has had it's moments in the gum world, like when they came out with a sour patch flavor. After a couple of pieces though, the super artificial-ness becomes a bit overwhelming. Stride's okay when you're in desperate need of gum, but if Trident's available, you know which one I'll be choosing.

7.) Eclipse

Despite how cute these pictures are, Eclipse is pretty underwhelming. According to Google, the average solar eclipse lasts about 7.5 minutes, which is about how long each piece of  gum lasts. 

8.) Mentos

Mento's gum, originally just a candy company, tastes like what they are good at making: candy. The little filled capsules are delightful on the first chew. Sadly, the yummy flavors just don't last. If you're in the mood for candy that you can't swallow, Mento's is for you. 

Now that you know all the best brands of gum, it's time to get chewing!