Have you ever meet someone, and whenever you’re around them it’s like time stops? The feeling is truly indescribable. Relationships seem complicated, so I’ve decided to create this guide to help out my fellows on what they might expect if they decide to have a girlfriend in college. Here’s every girl you’ll date in college as defined by their Starbucks order.

1. Passion tea: The free spirit

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She’s the type of girl who loves the environment and also is known to live on her own time. You could go backpacking in Australia or travel the world with her. These girls live in the moment and rock to their own beat. They are also sweet and passionate about certain issues.

2. Caramel macchiato: The sorority girl

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The caramel macchiato girl is simplistic and loves people. Just like a sorority girl, she loves her sorority sisters and will do anything for them. She’s the type of girl who wears anything that is affiliated with her sorority because she is really invested in it. Whenever she talks about her sorority she lights up.

3. Cold brew coffee: The overachiever

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The overachiever is the type of girl that starts studying for her test three weeks in advance. When it comes to homework, she’ll go above and beyond. She’s one of the most dedicated girls that you’ll ever meet, and that’s why she’s so special.

4. Hot chocolate: The “brainiac”

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The “brainiac” is the girl that’s double majoring in Biochemistry and Computer Science with a minor in Philosophy and Psychology — you’ll be amazed by her. She loves to read the dictionary or any random textbook for fun. She was the valedictorian and got a 4.5 GPA in high school.

The “brainiac,” just like hot chocolate, is sweet and simple; it’s the perfect drink to have while you’re in a tense discussion about life and other deep questions. She’s really fun to hang out with because there’ll never be a time where you won’t have anything to talk about.

5. Pumpkin spice latte: The basic

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The basic girl doesn’t fit in any category. She is sweet, funny, smart, and most importantly, she’s basic. All her friends will tell you how lucky you are to have someone like her in your life. People are always smiling and are naturally happy around her. Like a pumpkin spice latte, these girls only come once in a blue moon. Make sure to hold onto this genuine and special girl.

6. Iced coffee: Mother-approved

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The iced coffee type of girl is the one that your mom absolutely loves and admires. They’ll spend way too much time together. This girl is practical, just like the latte. Not only is she approved by your mother, which is hard, but your mom can’t stop talking about her and is already planning your future together.

7. Secret menu: Wild and unpredictable

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She’s the type of girl who likes to live on the edge. She’s adventurous and is willing to do anything that gives her that extra adrenaline rush. At first, she’ll test your limits, but it’ll all be worth it in the end. She’ll even take you to the Grand Canyon. Just like the secret menu, these girls are different and unpredictable, and will always keep you on your toes.