This past winter, I went to Argentina to experience the culture, study Spanish, and enjoy the delicious food this South American country has to offer. If you get the chance to visit Argentina, you must try these different meals.

1. Empanadas


Photo by Lauren Blovad

Empanadas are a traditional Argentinian food and can have various fillings. There are cheese, cheese and ham, beef and chicken. Of course, you’ll have to learn how to say those in Spanish because you know you’re going to want to order them.

2. Dulce de leche


Photo courtesy @mae_festeira on Instagram

Love sweet desserts? Then you’re looking at the perfect addition to any pastry. Dulce de leche fills every taste bud with a cavity. There is no substitute for dulce de leche, although some say caramel is the same thing. IT IS NOT. Do not trust people that say that.

3. Gelato


Photo courtesy of @omnadeco on Instagram

During my trip to Argentina, I ate gelato pretty much 3 times a week. Seriously, it was that good. This is a must if you go to Argentina. Try the gelato at Freddo or Volta. They are the best.

4. Chimichurri


Photo courtesy of @marjohber on Instagram

Chimichurri is perfect on any beef, chicken or lamb meal. You might be a little weirded out by the green color, but that is just from the herbs in it. It’s salty, so all you need is a little bit. I made the mistake of putting too much on my lamb, and not being able to taste it. Be more like someone who does not do that.

5. Alfajores


Photo courtesy of @mdoughw_eats on Instagram

Mmmm Alfajores. Mi pastel favorito! This pastry has dulce de leche inside with a little coconut around the sides. Argentina invented this delicious treat so it is a must to get while you’re there.

6. Yerba Mate


Photo courtesy of @chimarreando_pelo_mundo on Instagram

Ever have a really good cup of green tea? This traditional Yerba Mate tea is similar. It just has more caffeine. When I was in Argentina I was told it had more caffeine than coffee, but you’ll have to try it to see for yourself.

7. Pizza


Photo by Isabella Ryan

I used to think Italians did pizza the best, but then I went to Argentina. Obviously, I still love Italian pizza, but since many Argentinians immigrated from Italy, their pizza is still just as good and much more cheesy.

8. Medialunas


Photo by Isabella Ryan

Medialuna means “half moon.” This dessert is similar to a croissant, but with a slight glaze on top. In Argentina, they love adding dulce de leche and other sweet sauces to their medialunas. Expect to pay less than you would pay for your coffee.

If you’re planning on going to Argentina, or just want to bring Argentina to you, these delicious foods are perfect for any occasion.