True foodies love the movie ‘Chef,’ which tells the story of an executive chef who tries to get his life back in order by running a food truck. I have to admit I was pretty late to the party, but as I watched it, my love of food truly reignited.

Maybe it was because of the inspiring plot and realistic characters. Or…maybe it was because of the drool-worthy cubanos and yuca fries. It could have just been the Miami magic. Whatever it was, I wanted to experience the El Jefe food truck ASAP.

Unfortunately, the El Jefe food truck doesn’t actually exist, and you probably aren’t going to be served by Sofia Vergara. But the good news is is that there are seven must try food trucks in Miami that gives El Jefe a run for its money.

1. Purple People Eatery

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Mac ‘n cheese lovers unite. At this food truck, you can find your favorite classics with a freaky twist. Think truffle-blackened bison burger, mahi-mahi tacos, and of course their famous Mac ‘n Jack. Their mouth-licking Mac ‘n Jack contains Monterey jack, sharp cheddar, smoked gouda, broccoli, and it’s even herb-crusted.

2. 2 Jive Turkeys

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Photo courtesy of 2 Jive Turkeys on Facebook

Don’t like turkey? This truck with definitely change your mind. Not only is 2 Jive Turkeys the only fried turkey food truck out there, but it takes turkey to a whole new level. Think a deep-fried turkey avocado sandwich glazed with a cranberry-sangria sauce.

3. El Rey de las Fritas

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Photo courtesy of El Rey de las Fritas on Facebook

While this may look like some fries in between bread, you are so so wrong. Pictured above is The Frita. In case you don’t know what that is, it’s a patty of ground beef and chorizo and potato sticks on a Cuban roll. Last but not least, it’s infused with their family secret recipe. This is a must on your food bucket list.

4. Gastropod

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Photo courtesy of gastroPod Miami on Facebook

Let’s just say this food truck is top-notch. Whether you’re in the mood for noodles, a chicken sammich, an ole dirt dawg, or an arepa, this place has you covered.

5. Boba Station

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If you get just as giddy as me over bubble tea, you must go to the Boba Station. Whether you want a boba classic such as a taro milk tea, or a strawberry boba fruit smoothie, or a mango boba iced tea, the Boba Station will make your boba dreams come true.

6. HipPOPs

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Photo courtesy of HipPOPs on Facebook

The best word to describe this food truck is cool. Not only will you want to grab one of these gelato pops under the Miami sun, but all of the Insta-worthy gelato pops are just trés cool. You get to customize your gelato pop with three steps.

First, you pick either gelato, yogurt, or sorbet. Step two is picking either a dip, half-dip, or drizzle. The final step is picking your topping. With this choice of creativity, there are infinite pops you can try.

7. Sweet Wheels Bakery

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Photo courtesy of Sweet Wheels Bakery on Facebook

If you thought you couldn’t get macarons from a food truck, you’ve never been to Sweet Wheels Bakery. The yummy desserts from this truck are baked daily and only made with the finest and organic ingredients.

Whether you want some pie, cupcakes, scones, macarons, or pastry cones, I guarantee your sweet tooth will be covered for days.