There aren't as many places that give me as much joy as being inside of an IKEA. Although many recognize IKEA for its furniture, one food in particular might come to mind when you think about this Swedish empire: the Swedish meatball. 

Listen, I'm no nay-sayer of the Swedish Meatball (or rather, its vegan cousin that was introduced in 2017), but limiting ourselves to only getting the Swedish meatball plate every single IKEA visit surely limits exposure to all of the other great options IKEA has to offer. Although you might have to do some digging to find some of these yummy treats, I can easily say that they're all very much worth it. 

Sara Klimek

Cold Cured Smoked Salmon (SJÖRAPPORT)

Are you a fan of bagels and lox for breakfast? If so, this cold cured salmon is the stuff for you. You can find it in the freezer section of the IKEA food marketplace. 

[Vegan] Sour Cream and Onion Chips (FESTLIGT)

Maybe it's because vegan sour cream and onion chips are so hard to find, but these chips are absolutely incredible. They're crisp, flavorful, and make for the perfect snack after trying to decide what kind of mirror to get for your new apartment. 

$1 Frozen Yogurt

It's one of the best deals you can get at IKEA! For $1, you too can engage in the blissful experience of an IKEA vanilla fro-yo cone after a long day of shopping. I'm pretty sure it was made for hangry toddlers, but these cones suit anyone looking to soothe their sweet tooth. 

Cappuccino Truffle Cake 

Complete with layers of chocolate and coffee sponge, coffee buttercream, and chocolate truffles, this cake is decadent and worthy of attention. 

Marinated Salmon Plate

The Swedish do eat a lot of salmon! This plate, which you can find in any of IKEA's restaurants, has a dill and mustard sauce with a small side salad. It's light and fresh, so you can continue shopping without feeling bogged down by a heavy lunch. 

Marzipan Cake (KAFFEREP)

This small, pink marzipan (almond paste) cake is iconic in IKEA's restaurants and can also be found in the freezer section of the marketplace. Inside of this fun cake is a raspberry and vanilla pudding, which I suggest pairing with a fresh cup of coffee. 

Cloudberry Jam (SYLT HJORTRON

Cloudberries are like a tart version of apricots and have a very interesting and sort of odd flavor. But that doesn't make them any less delicious! The Swedes pair Cloudberry Jam with pancakes or baked goods, but I think this jam would also taste excellent on vanilla ice cream.