Planning a fun birthday night for a friend obviously must include an amazing place for dinner. In D.C. there are so many great places to choose from, so I've rounded up the seven best birthday dinner places in D.C..

Whether you're looking for a classy affair or a boozy night out, we got you covered for the best birthday dinner places in D.C..

1. SEI

SEI has the most mouth-watering sushi, offering everything from your classic Spicy Tuna roll to crazier combinations like the "Fish and Chips." The chic modern ambience is also perfect for a special occasion.

2. Graffiato

Perfect for your Italian food-loving friends (aka all your friends because ... who doesn't love a massive bowl of pasta?!), Graffiato's menu is filled with comfort food classics. Their homemade pasta will not disappoint. 

3. The Smith

If you have a picky group, The Smith in DC (a replica of the OG New York establishment) has the best version of every dish possible. You've most definitely seen their mac and cheese on Instagram, and it truly feels like a hug -- there's simply no other way to explain it. Don't forget to top off dinner with their S'mores in a Jar. 

4. Fiola Mare

Perfect for a birthday in the warmer months, Fiola Mare has an unparalleled location -- tables are right on the water looking out onto the Potomac. Dinner with a view, anyone?

5. Rose's Luxury

Rose's Luxury is perfect for a cozy dinner with a few friends. The twinkly-lit ambience with plates to share will definitely make for great conversation over great food. Be sure to arrive early though because the lines are notoriously long

6. Joselito Casa de Comidas

If you want amazing Spanish food, Joselito is the place to go. Because their food (and mouth-watering sangria) is a little bit on the pricier side, they have Hemingway Hour Monday through Friday to help you save a bit (20% off all food and drinks is most better than full price).  

7. Kinship

Known for its chic ambience and fancy cocktails like the 5 PM (made with rum, honey, and almond liqueur ... yum), Kinship is the perfect destination for an extra-special dinner. 

All of these restaurants will make any birthday extra special, but who says you have to wait for a special occasion to treat yourself to one of these amazing restaurants?