Everyone who goes to Ithaca College goes to Moonies at some point in their lives, whether it's to dance, hang out with DJ Washburn, or play trivia (RIP popcorn machine).

Moonies isn't a one-man show, however (even though Brian's the man), and without the kickass staff pictured above, the club wouldn't be possible or run quite as smoothly.

We decided to talk to two student bartenders that work there so that we could find out how to improve their experience (and probably everyone's honestly).

Being Rude & Pushing

This is probably one of the most apparent issues at Moonies. Since it's one of the only clubs in the Commons, it gets insanely crowded every weekend. 

Obviously, the crowds can get annoying (especially when you're drunk), but think about the people around you before you shove that girl that's falling on you on her way to the bathroom.

Looking for Fights

Oftentimes these fights result from someone pushing the wrong person, but don't walk into the bar looking for trouble.

Keep everyone else's BAC in mind when you're walking around and if someone drunkenly tries to start something with you, cut the staff a break and just walk away from the person.

Puking in the Bathroom

This is disgusting for anyone to have to deal with, especially if your vomit goes all over the floor of the bathroom or all over the toilet. Think about whether or not you would want to be the one to clean that up.

Dropping Your Empty Cups on the Floor

You might think it's easier to just drop your cup on the floor when you're finished with your drink than it would be to fight your way through the crowd to the bar, but think about if you'd want to sweep up all those cups at the end of the night.

Not Getting Out of the Way

If an employee is trying to get through to stop a fight or just to move a pong table, just move. Even if they don't say excuse me (which they normally do), just move. It's common courtesy, drunk or not.

Not tipping

The last and worst thing you can do at Moonies that they emphasized was not tipping. It's ESPECIALLY annoying when you bother to write "$0.00" on the tip line. 75-80% of a bartender's salary comes from tips, and there is a huge lack of tipping at Moonies. If the bartender knows that you DO tip, they're likely to buy you a drink.

None of these things are difficult, and Moonies employs a lot of your peers, so keep them in mind next weekend at the bar